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This is one of our personal favorites! Measuring 2-1/2" wide and 10 yards long, this ribbon makes superb bows that will exude nothing but elegance. It features a lightly-creped texture on a heavy sheer fabric, giving it a soft, billowy look. The ribbon also has wiring on the edges to ensure that it retains its shape when used as a bow or garland. We have it in a in variety of different colors as shown in the color image list. Use it on wrapped gifts as a large bow. You can also chip in a few more colors to make your presents even more interesting. If you're decorating a venue, you can use it as a centerpiece for tables, a run-through for staircases, and a spiral around the pillars. This double-faced creped ribbon is made of 55% nylon and 45% polyester.

2-1/2" wide
10 yards long

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
5780502259Gold2 1/2"10 yd$6.28/ROLL6.282-1/2" X 10YD GOLD CREPED RIBBON
5780502261Green2 1/2"10 yd$6.28/ROLL6.282-1/2" X 10YD GREEN CREPED RIBBON
5780502252Ivory2 1/2"10 yd$6.28/ROLL6.282-1/2" X 10YD IVORY CREPED RIBBON
5780502232Maroon2 1/2"10 yd$6.28/ROLL6.282-1/2" X 10YD MAROON CREPED RIBBON
5780502241Orange2 1/2"10 yd$6.28/ROLL6.282-1/2" X 10YD ORANGE CREPED RIBBON
5780502230Red2 1/2"10 yd$6.28/ROLL6.282-1/2" X 10YD RED CREPED RIBBON
5780502275Turquoise2 1/2"10 yd$6.28/ROLL6.282-1/2" X 10YD TURQUOISE CREPED RIBBON
5780502210White2 1/2"10 yd$6.28/ROLL6.282-1/2" X 10YD WHITE CREPED RIBBON

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  • 12/16/2017

    I love the fabric creped ribbon. It's so easy to use, and makes anyone a present-wrapping genius! Creped ribbon is difficult to find, so I'm glad you carry so many colors. Please consider carrying narrower widths to accommodate smaller packages. Thank you!