Wide Christmas Solid Fabric Wired Ribbon

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Product Description:

A large carefully selected collection of elegant, wide Christmas ribbons on a solid fabric base which includes satin, flocked and metallic ribbons. All these ribbons are wired to allow easily formable bows.

See other Christmas ribbon collections here under Sheer Wide Christmas Ribbons and Natural Wide Christmas Ribbons.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
566312501Burgundy / Gold Damask (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$8.06/ROLL8.062-1/2" X 10YD BURGUNDY/GOLD DAMASK SATIN WIRED RBN
56113501Candy Delight (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD CANDY DELIGHT SATIN WIRED RIBBON
56151503Christmas Stripes (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$8.06/ROLL8.062-1/2" X 10YD CHRISTMAS STRIPES RIBBON
56141203Christmas Tree Delight (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD CHRISTMAS TREE DELIGHT WIRED RIBBON
56151402Deer On Plaid (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$9.73/ROLL9.732-1/2" X 10YD DEER ON PLAID RIBBON
58143833Filigreed (Metallic)2 1/2"10 yd$11.48/ROLL11.482-1/2" X 10YD FILIGREED METALLIC WIRED RIBBON
56151502Fine Stripe Candy Cane (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$8.06/ROLL8.062-1/2" X 10YD RED/WHITE FINE STRIPE CANDY CANE RBN
575011201Fire Red Peppermint Stripe (Glittered)2 1/2"25 yd$12.23/ROLL12.232-1/2" X 25YD FIRE RED PEPPERMINT STRIPE WIRED RBN
56151701Floral Christmas (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD FLORAL CHRISTMAS RIBBON
56152105Gaggle Of Snowmen (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2" X 10YD PARTY OF SNOWMEN RIBBON
576738915Giant Holly (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$8.06/ROLL8.062-1/2" X 10YD GIANT HOLLY WIRED RIBBON
56141402Gingerbread Christmas (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD GINGERBREAD CHRISTMAS WIRED RIBBON
566342501Glitter Candy Stripe (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD GLITTER CANDY STRIPE WRD SATIN RBN
56152002Gold / Red Snowflakes (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$8.06/ROLL8.062-1/2" X 10YD GOLD/RED SNOWFLAKES RIBBON
58143822Gold / Red Tuft (Metallic)2 1/2"10 yd$11.48/ROLL11.482-1/2"X10YD GOLD/RED TUFT PATTERN W/BEAD EDGE RBN
56151101Gold / Silver Paisley (Metallic)2 1/2"10 yd$11.48/ROLL11.482-1/2" X 10YD GOLD/SILVER PAISLEY RIBBON
56151001Gold Damask 2 1/2"10 yd$9.73/ROLL9.732-1/2" X 10YD GOLD DAMASK RIBBON
56151601Gold Embossed Merry Christmas On Red2"10 yd$4.28/ROLL4.282" X 10YD GOLD EMBOSSED MERRY CHRISTMAS ON RED RBN
56113801Gold Sparkling Snowflake (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD GOLD SPARKLING SNOWFLAKE SATIN RBN
56150301Gold Square Grid2 1/2"10 yd$5.50/ROLL5.502-1/2" X 10YD GOLD SQUARE GRID RIBBON
577810Gold Stripe (Metallic)2 1/2"10 yd$8.06/ROLL8.062-1/2" X 10 YD GOLD METALLIC STRIPE ROYAL RIBBON
56169859Golden Poinsettia (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$4.90/ROLL4.902-1/2" X 10YD GOLDEN POINSETTIA SATIN RIBBON
56151702Green / Gold Merry Christmas (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$11.48/ROLL11.482-1/2" X 10YD GREEN/GOLD MERRY CHRISTMAS RIBBON
56150701Green Christmas Trees (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD GREEN CHRISTMAS TREES FABRIC RIBBON
56113502Happy Snowmen (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD HAPPY SNOWMEN SATIN WIRED RIBBON
56149852Ivory Baroque Circles (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$8.06/ROLL8.062-1/2" X 10YD IVORY BAROQUE CIRCLES FLOCKED RBN
58143821Ivory Holly Garland (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2" X 10YD IVORY HOLLY GARLAND SATIN WIRED RBN
58143823Ivory W/ Red Ornaments (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2"X10YD IVORY W/RED ORNAMENTS SATIN WIRED RBN
57849467Lime / Coffee Floral (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$8.06/ROLL8.062-1/2" X 10YD LIME/COFFEE FLORAL SWIRL RIBBON
57783867Lime Mod Trees (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$7.88/ROLL7.882-1/2" X 10 YD LIME MOD TREES RIBBON
566342503Lime/Red Candy Slope (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD LIME/RED CANDY SLOPE WIRED RIBBON
56151603Merry Christmas Script 2 1/2"10 yd$8.06/ROLL8.062-1/2" X 10YD MERRY CHRISTMAS SCRIPT RIBBON
56150602Modified Harlequin (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$8.06/ROLL8.062-1/2" X 10YD MODIFIED HARLEQUIN FABRIC RIBBON
566322501Multi Gold Poinsettias (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD MULTI GOLD POINSETTIAS WIRED RIBBON
56151902Navy / White Snowflake Harlequin (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2" X 10YD NAVY/WHITE SNOWFLAKE HARLEQUIN RIBBN
56162808Peppermint Multi-Stripe (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2" X 10YD PEPPERMINT MULTI-STRIPE SATIN RIBBON
566342504Peppermint Stick (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD PEPPERMINT STICK WIRED RIBBON
56150401Pine & Plaid (Extra Wide)4"10 yd$9.94/ROLL9.944" X 10YD PINE & PLAID FABRIC WIDE RIBBON
56141501Pine Sprig Garland (Extra Wide)4"10 yd$11.60/ROLL11.604" X 10YD PINE SPRIG GARLAND TAFFETA WIRED RIBBON
56113402Pine Sprigs (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD PINE SPRIGS ON RED SATIN RIBBON
56151401Plaid Christmas (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$11.48/ROLL11.482-1/2" X 10YD PLAID CHRISTMAS RIBBON
56160802Red / Gold Christmas Scroll (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2" X 10YD RED/GLD CHRISTMAS SCROLL FLOCKED RBN
56110901Red / Gold Diagonal Stripes (Metallic)2 1/2"10 yd$8.91/ROLL8.912-1/2" X 10YD RED/GOLD DIAGONAL STRIPES MTLLC RBN
58143825Red / Gold Filigreed Snowflakes (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2"X10YD RED/GOLD FILIGREED SNOWFLAKES WRD RBN
56151901Red / Green Snowflake Harlequin (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2" X 10YD RED/GREEN SNOWFLAKE HARLEQUIN RIBBON
56162811Red / White Candy Cane (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2"X10YD RED/WHITE FLOCKED CANDY CANE WIRED RBN
56151501Red / White Candy Cane (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD RED/WHITE CANDY CANE RIBBON
56140807Red / White Santa (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$4.90/ROLL4.902-1/2" X 10YD RED/WHITE SANTA FLOCKED RIBBON
56109002Red / White Sparkling Stripe (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2" X 10YD RED/WHITE SPRKLNG STRP SATIN WRD RBN
56150708Red Glittered Poinsettias (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD GLITTERED POINSETTIAS RED RIBBON
56111801Red Holly Berry (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$4.90/ROLL4.902-1/2" X 10YD RED HOLLY BERRY ON WHITE SATIN RBN
56169830Red Poinsettia (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2" X 10YD RED POINSETTIA SATIN RIBBON
56006031Red Rough Grainy (Metallic)2 1/2"25 yd$14.41/ROLL14.412-1/2" X 25YD RED ROUGH GRAINY METALLIC RIBBON
56090003Red Santa's Belt (Extra Wide)4"10 yd$7.50/ROLL7.504" X 10YD RED SANTA'S BELT WIRED RIBBON
566342506Red Seasonal Stripe (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD RED SEASONAL STRIPE WIRED SATIN RBN
58143828Red Simplicity Scroll (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2"X10YD RED SIMPLICITY SCROLL SATIN WIRED RBN
56151803Red Snowflakes (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2" X 10YD RED SNOWFLAKES RIBBON
575011901Red Wave Stripe (Glittered)2 1/2"25 yd$13.44/ROLL13.442-1/2" X 25YD RED WAVE STRIPE SATIN WIRED RIBBON
56151804Royal / White Snowflakes2 1/2"10 yd$8.06/ROLL8.062-1/2" X 10YD ROYAL/WHITE SNOWFLAKES RIBBON
56152103Santa Christmas (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$8.06/ROLL8.062-1/2" X 10YD SANTA CHRISTMAS RIBBON
56176804Silver / Blue Snowflake (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD SILV/BLUE SNOWFLAKE SATIN RIBBON
56176806Silver Snowflake (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2" X 10YD SILVER/SILVER SNOWFLAKE SATIN RIBBON
56152104Snowmen On Red (Flocked)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD SNOWMEN ON RED RIBBON
56150603Sprinkled Dots (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD SPRINKLED DOTS FABRIC RIBBON
56113902Sweet Snowflake (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2" X 10YD SWEET SNOWFLAKE SATIN RIBBON
56150403Tartan (Extra Wide)4"10 yd$27.59/ROLL27.594" X 10YD TARTAN FABRIC WIDE RIBBON
56140824Trees & Flakes (Glittered)2 1/2"10 yd$6.75/ROLL6.752-1/2" X 10YD TREES & FLAKES CHRISTMAS WIRED RIBBN
56162709White / Red Peppermint Stripe (Satin)1 1/2"10 yd$3.84/ROLL3.841-1/2" X 10YD WHITE/RED PEPPERMINT STRP SATIN RBN
56162806White / Red Peppermint Thin Stripe (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$4.90/ROLL4.902-1/2"X10YD WHT/RED PEPPERMINT THIN STRP SATIN RBN
58143827White / Red Xmas Candy (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2"X10YD WHITE/RED XMAS CANDY SATIN WRD RBN
56137810White Quatrefoil (Satin)2 1/2"10 yd$5.70/ROLL5.702-1/2" X 10YD WHITE QUATREFOIL SATIN RIBBON

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