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Pearls represent an exotic jewel because it was made in the depths of the ocean. Its appeal is universal because of its round shape and milky color. Using pearls in a design really adds new dimension due to its shape and color. It goes very well with lace, burlap, satin, and velvet to name a few types of ribbons.

This pearl chain can add some drama to your design. These come in 10 yard rolls and is easy to cut to custom fit your project. It is ideal to use in a bridal appliqués, wedding décor, jewelry making, elegant gifts, and more.

A bridal appliqués wouldn’t be complete without its pearls. The pearls really make a gown or broche stand out. Use it liberally on the gown’s train to add different texture on the flowy fabric. As a wedding décor it could be used elegantly to tie down flowers, or wrap the center piece vase.

This also works as a jewelry accessory. Make it into an inexpensive choker, or wristlet. Why stop there? Use it on old jeans or t-shirts to make something totally new and unique.

The next time you wrap a present, use pearl chain in combination with a bow to give a gift that is special and memorable.

Next time you have a project that needs a touch of elegance these pearls would make a great addition. Get yours here!

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
461031052Ivory5 yd10 mm$5.59/ROLL5.5910MM X 5YD IVORY PEARL CHAIN
461030552Ivory10 yd5 mm$4.20/ROLL4.205MM X 10YD IVORY PEARL CHAIN
461030852Ivory10 yd8 mm$8.39/ROLL8.398MM X 10YD IVORY PEARL CHAIN
461031010White5 yd10 mm$5.59/ROLL5.5910MM X 5YD WHITE PEARL CHAIN
461030510White10 yd5 mm$4.20/ROLL4.205MM X 10YD WHITE PEARL CHAIN
461030810White10 yd8 mm$8.39/ROLL8.398MM X 10YD WHITE PEARL CHAIN

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