White Lace Ribbon

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This ribbon is undoubtedly one of our favorites! Available in a choice of patterns, widths, and lengths, it's delicately woven with scalloped and fringed edges. Go through all of them and choose whichever suits your tastes. Regardless of what you choose, the creative possibilities are endless!

Try using this ribbon to create borders on paintings and portraits. You can also decorate flower vases with it or stitch it to the hems and necklines of your dresses and tops. You can use it to make interesting lace designs in your arts and crafts projects, as well. We also offer colored laces if you want to be even more creative.


ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
58154210Bella 2"25 YDS$11.44/ROLL11.442"(50MM)X 25YD WHITE BELLA LACE RIBBON
581540410Harriette 3"5 YDS$13.75/ROLL13.753"(76MM) X 5YD WHITE HARRIETTE FLORAL LACE RIBBON
581528410Hilde 1"25 YDS$7.50/ROLL7.501"(25MM) X 25YD WHITE HILDE LACE RIBBON
581540310Hillary 2 3/4"5 YDS$13.75/ROLL13.752-3/4"(69MM)X 5YD WHITE HILLARY FLORAL LACE RIBBON
58156102Jamie 9/16"20 YDS$6.97/ROLL6.979/16"(14MM) X 20YD WHITE JAMIE LACE RIBBON
58157101Jana 13/16"20 YDS$5.50/ROLL5.5013/16"(20MM)X 20YD WHITE JANA LACE RIBBON
58158103Juliet7/8"20 YDS$5.81/ROLL5.817/8"(22MM) X 20YD WHITE JULIET LACE RIBBON
58161201Lana 7/8"10 YDS$3.06/ROLL3.067/8" (22MM)X 10YD WHITE LANA LACE RIBBON
58161401Laura 1"10 YDS$3.48/ROLL3.481"(25MM )X 10YD WHITE LAURA LACE RIBBON
5822010Lauren 2 1/4"25 YDS$15.26/ROLL15.262-1/4"(57MM)X 25YD WHITE LAUREN LACE RIBBON
5826010Layla 11/16"25 YDS$5.14/ROLL5.1411/16"(17MM)X 25YD WHITE LAYLA LACE RIBBON
58161202Leta7/8"20 YDS$4.98/ROLL4.987/8"(22MM) X 20YD WHITE LETA LACE RIBBON
5826110Lexy 3/4"25 YDS$6.28/ROLL6.2811/16" (18MM) X 25YD WHITE LEXY LACE RIBBON
58161601Libby 1 5/8"10 YDS$4.19/ROLL4.191-5/8"(42MM) X 10YD WHITE LIBBY LACE RIBBON
5826710Lindy 3/4"25 YDS$6.27/ROLL6.2713/16"(20MM) X 25YD WHITE LINDY LACE RIBBON
5826310Lisa 3/4"25 YDS$6.27/ROLL6.2713/16"(20MM) X 25YD WHITE LISA LACE RIBBON
5826410Lola 1"25 YDS$7.50/ROLL7.5015/16"(24MM)X 25YD WHITE LOLA LACE RIBBON
5826510Lori 1 1/2"25 YDS$11.28/ROLL11.281-1/2"(38MM)X 25YD WHITE LORI LACE RIBBON

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  • 03/06/2018

    I am very happy with the lace. It is just what I was looking for. I am going to use it on a quilt that has different sizes of strips with lace on some of the strips. It as a middle line so it will be easy to sew on the strips. Thanks will be back for more lace.