Vertical Crepe Metallic Wired Ribbon

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The Vertical Crepe Metallic Wired Ribbon has an energetic and lively color palette make it the life of the party. With its vertical creases, it has a nice crisp texture which is playful with light and shadows. Its wired edges give it a firmness it needs to make fantastic bows a snap. This ribbon would be great to use for holidays, birthdays and more.

Add that sparkle and shine to a birthday celebration by using this ribbon. Use it as streamers and party decoration to get into the party mood. On that same note, it can be used as part of an 80's themed party, or prom decoration to dazzle your guests.

Top gifts with this ribbon and make it more exciting for the recipient. When creating a bow, a bunny ear style bow would bring out the texture of this ribbon. Just tie it like how you would tie your shoelace for a simple knot. Cut the edges into a wedge or v-shape to finish.

A rosette bow will also look fantastic using this ribbon. This will bring out its luster and shiny qualities. It will look marvelous against a kraft box or your favorite wrapping paper. Made of 60% polyester and 40% metallic.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
56005535Azalea2 1/2"10 yd$7.38/ROLL7.382-1/2" X 10YD AZALEA VERTICAL CREPE MTLLC WRD RBN
56005565Bud Green2 1/2"10 yd$7.38/ROLL7.382-1/2" X 10YD BUD GRN VERTICAL CREPE MTLLC WRD RBN
56005547Copper2 1/2"10 yd$7.38/ROLL7.382-1/2" X 10YD COPPER VERTICAL CREPE MTLLC WRD RBN
56005560Emerald2 1/2"10 yd$7.38/ROLL7.382-1/2" X 10YD EMERALD VERTICAL CREPE MTLLC WRD RBN
56005559Gold2 1/2"10 yd$7.38/ROLL7.382-1/2" X 10YD GOLD VERTICAL CREPE MTLLC WIRED RBN
56005580Purple2 1/2"10 yd$7.38/ROLL7.382-1/2" X 10YD PURPLE VERTICAL CREPE MTLLC WRD RBN
56005570Royal2 1/2"10 yd$7.38/ROLL7.382-1/2" X 10YD ROYAL VERTICAL CREPE MTLLC WIRED RBN
56005599Silver2 1/2"10 yd$7.38/ROLL7.382-1/2" X 10YD SILVER VERTICAL CREPE MTLLC WRD RBN
56005575Turquoise2 1/2"10 yd$7.38/ROLL7.382-1/2" X10YD TURQ VERTICAL CREPE MTLLC WRD RBN

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