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When you are searching for something that is both elegant and stylish that you can use for a lot of different crafts, one of the things that you want to choose is our 3/8" x 25 yards velvet ribbon. We have a lot of different colors to choose from when it comes to our velvet ribbon, from black velvet ribbon and gray velvet ribbon to many other vibrant colors. The ribbon is velvet on one side with a smooth side on the other. With so many different colors that you can choose from, you are able to find many different uses for it. Just picture placing this gorgeous ribbon around a special gift for a holiday or a birthday. Or imagine creating a new wreath for your front door for any time of the year. You're sure to find a ribbon that will work well for your needs to put on it as a finishing touch. Perhaps you have created a dress for your daughter and you’re looking for that extra special look. There are a lot of pretty options. Our ribbon will look great in many projects! There's a whole world of possibilities for you to explore! Made from 100% Nylon.

Single faced
Selection of widths
10 or 25 yards long

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4841221Black1"10 yd$13.08/ROLL13.081" X 10YD BLACK VELVET RIBBON
4841021Black3/8"25 yd$6.29/ROLL6.293/8" X 25YD BLACK VELVET RIBBON
4841121Black5/8"25 yd$12.02/ROLL12.025/8" X 25YD BLACK VELVET RIBBON
4841231Burgundy1"10 yd$13.08/ROLL13.081" X 10YD BURGUNDY VELVET RIBBON
4841031Burgundy3/8"25 yd$6.29/ROLL6.293/8" X 25YD BURGUNDY VELVET RIBBON
4841131Burgundy5/8"25 yd$16.08/ROLL16.085/8" X 25YD BURGUNDY VELVET RIBBON
4841299Chateau Gray1"10 yd$13.08/ROLL13.081" X 10YD CHATEAU GRAY VELVET RIBBON
4841099Chateau Gray3/8"25 yd$8.73/ROLL8.733/8" X 25YD CHATEAU GRAY VELVET RIBBON
4841199Chateau Gray5/8"25 yd$16.68/ROLL16.685/8" X 25YD CHATEAU GRAY VELVET RIBBON
4841281Dark Purple1"10 yd$13.08/ROLL13.081" X 10YD DARK PURPLE VELVET RIBBON
4841081Dark Purple3/8"25 yd$9.82/ROLL9.823/8" X 25YD DARK PURPLE VELVET RIBBON
4841181Dark Purple5/8"25 yd$18.37/ROLL18.375/8" X 25YD DARK PURPLE VELVET RIBBON
4841260Emerald1"10 yd$13.08/ROLL13.081" X 10YD EMERALD VELVET RIBBON
4841060Emerald3/8"25 yd$6.29/ROLL6.293/8" X 25YD EMERALD VELVET RIBBON
4841160Emerald5/8"25 yd$18.37/ROLL18.375/8" X 25YD EMERALD VELVET RIBBON
4841262Hunter1"10 yd$11.13/ROLL11.131" X 10YD HUNTER VELVET RIBBON
4841062Hunter3/8"25 yd$9.43/ROLL9.433/8" X 25YD HUNTER VELVET RIBBON
4841162Hunter5/8"25 yd$12.02/ROLL12.025/8" X 25YD HUNTER VELVET RIBBON
4841272Navy1"10 yd$10.91/ROLL10.911" X 10YD NAVY VELVET RIBBON
4841072Navy3/8"25 yd$8.73/ROLL8.733/8" X 25YD NAVY VELVET RIBBON
4841172Navy5/8"25 yd$12.02/ROLL12.025/8" X 25YD NAVY VELVET RIBBON
4841037Pink3/8"25 yd$9.43/ROLL9.433/8" X 25YD PINK VELVET RIBBON
4841137Pink5/8"25 yd$16.68/ROLL16.685/8" X 25YD PINK VELVET RIBBON
4841230Red1"10 yd$10.91/ROLL10.911" X 10YD RED VELVET RIBBON
4841030Red3/8"25 yd$6.29/ROLL6.293/8" X 25YD RED VELVET RIBBON
4841130Red5/8"25 yd$16.68/ROLL16.685/8" X 25YD RED VELVET RIBBON
4841070Royal Blue3/8"25 yd$9.82/ROLL9.823/8" X 25YD ROYAL BLUE VELVET RIBBON
4841170Royal Blue5/8"25 yd$16.68/ROLL16.685/8" X 25YD ROYAL BLUE VELVET RIBBON
4841001White3/8"25 yd$6.29/ROLL6.293/8" X 25YD WHITE VELVET RIBBON
4841101White5/8"25 yd$16.68/ROLL16.685/8" X 25YD WHITE VELVET RIBBON

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  • 10/30/2017

    3/8” Red Velvet ribbon: Very Plush! Used as an accent in my bows on small packages to top wide satin and or wide organza ribbon . Really beautiful! Ribbon would be an excellent choice for all sewing projects. Next purchase will be for double sided velvet if possible?? Do you make this?
  • 11/28/2017

    I ordered the gray velvet ribbon. It was more of a sage/moss color than gray. I could not use it for my project. Ribbon was as expected and the quality was fine. I also ordered the white and it was a true white.