Variegated Metallic Cord

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The Variegated Metallic Cord has an alternating pattern effect that mixes in various colors differentiating it from a single color metallic cord. Create bursts of color to your gift wrapping decoration or favor accents with these shiny cords. Great to use for any occasion such as birthdays, weddings and holidays.

For gift wrapping, use this cord as an alternative to a ribbon and bow. Its thin width has traditional twine profile with a modern metallic colorful twist. Use a simple bow to tie your gift. A simple bow is tied just like your shoelaces. If you are giving a gift in a jar, use this cord to tie the messaging tag. Gifting a box of cookies can use a tie down, and this cord looks excellent over a kraft cookie box.

These 1.5 mm diameter shiny cords are perfect for birthdays to weddings. It can be used in casual settings to formal affairs that needs an infusion of color. Centerpieces, place settings, gift wrapping, are just a few examples you could use this cord. Made of 78% polyester, 12% metallic and 10% nylon.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
48311501Black / Silver1.5 mm50 yd$4.46/ROLL4.461.5MM X 50YD BLACK/SILVER VARIEGATED MTLLC CORD
48311505Gold1.5 mm50 yd$4.46/ROLL4.461.5MM X 50YD GOLD VARIEGATED METALLIC CORD
48311502Gold / Silver1.5 mm50 yd$4.46/ROLL4.461.5MM X 50YD GOLD/SILVER VARIEGATED MTLLC CORD
48311508Green / Cooper1.5 mm50 yd$4.46/ROLL4.461.5MM X 50YD GREEN/COPPER VARIEGATED MTLLC CORD
48311510Green / Gold1.5 mm50 yd$4.46/ROLL4.461.5MM X 50YD GREEN/GOLD VARIEGATED METALLIC CORD
48311503Light Blue / Silver1.5 mm50 yd$4.46/ROLL4.461.5MM X 50YD LT BLUE/SILVER VARIEGATED MTLLC CORD
48311506Orange / Gold1.5 mm50 yd$4.46/ROLL4.461.5MM X 50YD ORANGE/GOLD VARIEGATED MTLLC CORD
48311504Purple / Silver1.5 mm50 yd$4.46/ROLL4.461.5MM X 50YD PURPLE/SILVER VARIEGATED MTLLC CORD
48311509Red / Gold1.5 mm50 yd$4.46/ROLL4.461.5MM X 50YD RED/GOLD VARIEGATED METALLIC CORD
48311507Red / Purple1.5 mm50 yd$4.46/ROLL4.461.5MM X 50YD RED/PURPLE VARIEGATED METALLIC CORD

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