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The Thin Metallic Cord is available in gold, red and silver. All three colors are extremely vibrant, and exude a celebratory feel. You can order the cord in a 1 mm or 2 mm wide roll 100 yards long. The cord's metallic look and feel make it a great addition to gift wraps. You can use it to add a nice decorative touch to gifts, goodie bags, favors, packages and more, making it perfect for packaging and different craft activities. Much more creative than regular twine, the metallic cord presents endless possibilities. If you like, you can put together different colored cords together to create a striking combination. The glossy metallic shine can uplift any party decoration. You can also make wreaths, home décor items, and artificial jewelry, and its metallic shine serves as a perfect complement to other embellishments such as sequins, and pearls.

Various widths
100 yards long

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4800527Gold1 mm144 yd$5.56/ROLL5.561MM X 144YD GOLD METALLIC CORD
4800659Gold2 mm100 yd$5.26/ROLL5.261/16" (2MM) X 100YD GOLD TINSEL CORD
4800630Red2 mm100 yd$5.26/ROLL5.261/16" (2MM) X 100YD RED TINSEL CORD
4800540Silver1 mm144 yd$5.56/ROLL5.561MM X 144YD SILVER METALLIC CORD
4800699Silver2 mm100 yd$5.26/ROLL5.261/16" (2MM) X 100YD SILVER TINSEL CORD

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