5" Thin Cut Curly Bows

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Pump up your decorations and gift wraps with the stylish 5" Thin Cut Curly Bows. 5" wide, the bows are offered in three different patterns: Merry Christmas, festive and iridescent white. Each style has its own charm, with a bunch of thin stripes coming together to form the finished bows. The Merry Christmas and festive patterns include an array of colorful stripes, while the iridescent white reflects different colors when held in the light. These stripes have a shiny, glittery feel. You can adorn your gifts with them or use them as a complement to your festive or party decoration. Mounted on hand tabs with tear-off self-adhesive tab, each bow is simple to take off. Since they come pre-curled, these bows and are perfect for various art and craft activities. You can also adorn other accessories with them such as beads, blossoms and bells to create a unique effect. It's the perfect embellishment for simple decorations, allowing you to give them your own creative touch.
5" wide

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
449014110Festive5"$13.09/CASE of 24 ($0.55/EACH)0.55THIN CUT CURLY BOWS “FESTIVE”
449014101Iridescent White5"$13.09/CASE of 24 ($0.55/EACH)0.55THIN CUT CURLY BOWS “IRIDESCENT WHITE “
449014090Merry Christmas5"$13.09/CASE of 24 ($0.55/EACH)0.55THIN CUT CURLY BOWS “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

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