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These tassels are available in a variety of beautiful colors and sizes. They are made of high quality nylon and have a subtle, elegant sheen. Each tassel has a twisted cord loop at the top that makes attaching and tying easy. Use these as decorative tassels or embellishments for projects and packaging. Made of 100% nylon.

• Small tassels measure 2-7/8” long (4-3/8” including loop)
• Medium tassels measure 3-1/2” long (4-3/4” including loop)
• Large tassels measure 5-1/4” long (6-5/8” including loop)

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
48050220Black2 7/8"$2.35/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.10/EACH)0.102-7/8" BLACK SMALL TASSEL
48050320Black3 1/2"$2.54/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.113-1/2" BLACK MEDIUM TASSEL
48050520Black5 1/4"$2.70/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.115-1/4" BLACK LARGE TASSEL
48050259Gold2 7/8"$2.35/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.10/EACH)0.102-7/8" GOLD SMALL TASSEL
48050359Gold3 1/2"$2.54/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.113-1/2" GOLD MEDIUM TASSEL
48050559Gold5 1/4"$2.70/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.115-1/4" GOLD LARGE TASSEL
48050260Green2 7/8"$2.35/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.10/EACH)0.102-7/8" GREEN SMALL TASSEL
48050360Green3 1/2"$2.54/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.113-1/2" GREEN MEDIUM TASSEL
48050252Ivory2 7/8"$2.35/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.10/EACH)0.102-7/8" IVORY SMALL TASSEL
48050352Ivory3 1/2"$2.54/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.113-1/2" IVORY MEDIUM TASSEL
48050552Ivory5 1/4"$2.70/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.115-1/4" IVORY LARGE TASSEL
48050240Orange2 7/8"$2.35/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.10/EACH)0.102-7/8" ORANGE SMALL TASSEL
48050278Orange2 7/8"$2.35/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.10/EACH)0.102-7/8" NAVY SMALL TASSEL
48050340Orange3 1/2"$2.54/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.113-1/2" ORANGE MEDIUM TASSEL
48050378Orange3 1/2"$2.54/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.113-1/2" NAVY MEDIUM TASSEL
48050540Orange5 1/4"$2.70/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.115-1/4" ORANGE LARGE TASSEL
48050578Orange5 1/4"$2.70/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.115-1/4" NAVY LARGE TASSEL
48050237Pink2 7/8"$2.35/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.10/EACH)0.102-7/8" PINK SMALL TASSEL
48050337Pink3 1/2"$2.54/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.113-1/2" PINK MEDIUM TASSEL
48050230Red2 7/8"$2.35/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.10/EACH)0.102-7/8" RED SMALL TASSEL
48050330Red3 1/2"$2.54/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.113-1/2" RED MEDIUM TASSEL
48050530Red5 1/4"$2.70/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.115-1/4" RED LARGE TASSEL
48050299Silver2 7/8"$2.35/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.10/EACH)0.102-7/8" SILVER SMALL TASSEL
48050399Silver3 1/2"$2.54/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.113-1/2" SILVER MEDIUM TASSEL
48050599Silver5 1/4"$2.70/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.115-1/4" SILVER LARGE TASSEL
48050210White2 7/8"$2.35/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.10/EACH)0.102-7/8" WHITE SMALL TASSEL
48050310White3 1/2"$2.54/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.113-1/2" WHITE MEDIUM TASSEL
48050510White5 1/4"$2.70/PACKAGE of 24 ($0.11/EACH)0.115-1/4" WHITE LARGE TASSEL

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