Sweet Hearts Holographic Poly Ribbon

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Make your decorations stand out with the cheerful and festive Sweet Hearts Holographic Poly Ribbon. It comes 55 yards long in one of three widths. This ribbon has a beautiful satin finish on one side with a holographic heart print visible on the other side. It has a shiny smooth surface that becomes more radiant whenever light hits it, making the heart print on it becomes more visible. The result is a stunning, almost animated effect. This ribbon is available in festive colors such as silver, gold, red, light blue and light pink, making it perfect for party decorations. The seemingly smooth texture has a certain crispness that makes it perfect for curling and making bows. Since it looks like a masking tape, it works well on gifts, but it's also suitable for art and craft activities. This stunning ribbon is perfect for wedding decorations, Valentine's Day parties and other celebrations. With so many different widths and colors available, you can use it in any combination you like.

Varying widths
55 yards long
Single faced

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
44037378Light Blue2 3/4"55 yd$5.00/ROLL5.002-3/4" X 55YD LT BLUE METALLIC HEART POLY RIBBON
44037078Light Blue3/4"55 yd$2.00/ROLL2.003/4" X 55YD LT BLUE METALLIC HEART POLY RIBBON

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