Stretch Loops W/Feather Puff

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The Stretch Loops with Feather Puff is 10" long. Featuring a distinctive feathered puff, the stretch loops are flexible enough to fit any type and size of gift box. Not only can they be used to decorate and wrap boxes, tie up crinkle bags, FDA bags and gusset bags; they're also perfect for securing boxes and bags and keeping them closed. The feather puffs give your decorations a certain refined look. Choose from amazing variety of colors and place these loops on invites, gift cards and packages. You can select the color that best suits your needs or even use two or three ties together. The loops can also be used for tying bows and creating strong loops. If you like you, can embellish the loops with ribbon bows to decorate your gifts or accessories, but you can also use them on hairbands, bracelets and other accessories.
10" long

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4426126Black10"$30.81/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.62/EACH)0.6210" BLACK FEATHER BOA STRETCH LOOP
4426626Black16"$31.21/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.62/EACH)0.6216" BLACK FEATHER BOA STRETCH LOOP
4426165Citrus10"$23.13/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.46/EACH)0.4610" CITRUS FEATHER BOA STRETCH LOOP
4426141Fuchsia10"$30.81/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.62/EACH)0.6210" FUCHSIA FEATHER BOA STRETCH LOOP
4426102Pink10"$28.84/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.58/EACH)0.5810" PINK FEATHER BOA STRETCH LOOP
4426113Red10"$30.81/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.62/EACH)0.6210" RED FEATHER BOA STRETCH LOOP
4426101White10"$30.81/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.62/EACH)0.6210" WHITE FEATHER BOA STRETCH LOOP

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