Solid-Sheer Metallic Wired Ribbon

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Create amazing bows or decorative accents with the Solid-Sheer Metallic Wired Ribbon. It comes 1" or 1-1/2" wide, while the length is 25 yards. This ribbon itself has a certain glamor that can uplift any decoration and give it a unique character, making it perfect for theme parties, big events, weddings and more. This lightweight ribbon has an airy appeal, and you can easily make beautifully elaborate bows. Since it is double-faced, you can use it from both sides. Available in either gold or silver, half of the ribbon is a solid metallic color, while the other half is sheer metallic. The metallic wire gives a finished look to the ribbon and allows it to maintain its shape even when you make large bows.

Various widths
25 yards long
Double faced

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4813740Silver1 1/2"25 yd$6.49/ROLL6.491-1/2" X 25YD SILVER SOLID/SHEER METALLIC RIBBON

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