Slope Ribbon

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This beautiful 1/8" x 50 yard striped grosgrain ribbon is an ideal choice when you are looking for a simple yet pretty option for wrapping up gifts. This white striped ribbon comes in many bright colors so that you can choose the one that is best for you. it's 1/8-inch-wide and it's woven with white thread so that it creates a very stylish striped pattern. This striped weave can be seen on each side of the ribbon. It can be used for wrapping up gifts and for many different types of crafts.These thin ribbons are great for wrapping up gifts and for decorating jars that have homemade preserves and goodies in them. They are also good for putting on vases that you put flowers in or for creating 'magic' wands for children to play with. If you are looking for a stylish way that you can create small dreamcatchers or other decorative items, these ribbons are also a good choice. You can choose one color or a variety of colors to create a rainbow effect. Whether you use them for crafts or you use them for decorating gifts for people, these ribbons are a great choice. Made from 100% Polyester.

Double Faced
1/8" wide
50 yards long

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
56209720Black1/8"50 yd$5.16/ROLL5.161/8" X 50YD BLACK WHITE SLOPE RIBBON
56209778Blue1/8"50 yd$3.86/ROLL3.861/8" X 50YD BLUE WHITE SLOPE RIBBON
56209760Emerald1/8"50 yd$3.86/ROLL3.861/8" X 50YD EMERALD WHITE SLOPE RIBBON
56209767Lime1/8"50 yd$5.91/ROLL5.911/8" X 50YD LIME WHITE SLOPE RIBBON
56209772Navy1/8"50 yd$3.86/ROLL3.861/8" X 50YD NAVY WHITE SLOPE RIBBON
56209740Orange1/8"50 yd$5.91/ROLL5.911/8" X 50YD ORANGE WHITE SLOPE RIBBON
56209734Pink1/8"50 yd$5.91/ROLL5.911/8" X 50YD PINK WHITE SLOPE RIBBON
56209730Red1/8"50 yd$3.86/ROLL3.861/8" X 50YD RED WHITE SLOPE RIBBON
56209750Yellow1/8"50 yd$5.91/ROLL5.911/8" X 50YD YELLOW WHITE SLOPE RIBBON

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