Simplicity Grosgrain Ribbon

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The Simplicity Grosgrain Ribbon is available in a width size of 4 mm and a length of 40 yards. This ribbon is double faced with a matte finish on both sides. With a simple white edge and bold strip of color along the center, the Simplicity Grosgrain Ribbon offers is a staple within your craft room. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, this ribbon is the perfect embellishment piece for all seasons.

Mix and match ribbon colors and create stylish holiday and party décor. Add a decadent touch of gold to your springtime wreaths and beautify your gift packs. For a sweet and simple bow, use the ribbon alone to adorn your gift. To embellish a more decorative gift, this ribbon works as a beautiful accent and can be twisted and tied into voluminous bows, making small, decadent embellishments.

Decorate gifts of all sizes and flower baskets as well. Pair this ribbon with contemporary or country chic packaging. Made of 100% Polyester.

4 mm wide
40 yards long
Double faced
Non wired

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
56008502Khaki4 mm40 yd$6.91/ROLL6.914MM X 40YD KHAKI SIMPLICITY GROSGRAIN RIBBON
56008501Red4 mm40 yd$6.91/ROLL6.914MM X 40YD RED SIMPLICITY GROSGRAIN RIBBON
56008505Shocking Pink4 mm40 yd$6.91/ROLL6.914MM X 40YD SHOCKING PINK SIMPLICITY GROSGRAIN RBN

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