Silver Glass Rhinestone Chain

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Add a hint of fabulous to your next design. This Silver Glass Rhinestone Chain features 4 rows of sparkling rhinestones and is individually set on a metal chain. Each rhinestone is made of glass and captures light brilliantly to bedazzled onlookers. We suggest using this on wedding gowns, and bridal accessories. Alternatively, why not use this on regular clothing and breathe new life to them.

The elegant lines of this chain work well with wedding gowns, or bridal accessories. Lining a wedding gown with rhinestone grabs attention because of its elegance and charm. A rhinestone headpiece makes for a stunning veil, too. Moving to the reception area of a wedding, the center piece of the dinner tables can also be wrapped in rhinestone to make the occasion even more glamorous. A simple bouquet of flowers becomes even more gorgeous with sparkling rhinestones holding them together. For an unforgettable wedding, don't forget the rhinestone accents!

Don't throw away your old blouse! Update them with this rhinestone chain on the neck line for a faux necklace. A simple t-shirt can become outstanding by sewing in this chain at the hem. Simple headbands can become jewelry with this simple addition.

Even in your home this rhinestone chain can make things new. Lining the bottom part of a lamp would make it pop out. There are certainly many ways to use this on your projects.

This rhinestone chain can really uplift any project! You can get this rhinestone chain and many more designs here at Get yours today!

Rhinestones are made of premium Glass
Silver Metal Chain

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
461033582Silver1/2"5 yd$23.50/ROLL23.501/2" X 5YD SILVER SMALL GLASS RHINESTONE CHAIN

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