7/16" Wide Satin Stretch Loops

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Easily polish your package off with elegant 7/16" Wide Satin Stretch Loops. Designed for beauty and efficiency, these satin stretch loops are available in a variety of colors to fit your needs. Each loop features a perfectly pre-tied bow with a soft satin finish.

To use, simply slip your stretch loop onto your package lengthwise, widthwise, or diagonally for the perfect finishing touch. Great for retail product packaging, gifts, and party favors. Made of 100% Polyester.

7/16" wide
Pretied Satin
Sold in a package of 200

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4471010Antique White7/16"10"$76.47/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.38/EACH)0.387/16 X 10 ANTIQUE WHITE SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471610Antique White7/16"16"$117.85/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.59/EACH)0.597/16 X 16 ANTIQUE WHITE SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471020Black7/16"10"$76.47/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.38/EACH)0.387/16 X 10 BLACK SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471620Black7/16"16"$117.85/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.59/EACH)0.597/16 X 16 BLACK SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471055Brown7/16"10"$76.47/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.38/EACH)0.387/16 X 10 BROWN SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471655Brown7/16"16"$117.85/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.59/EACH)0.597/16 X 16 BROWN SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471681Dark Purple7/16"16"$117.85/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.59/EACH)0.597/16 X 16 DARK PURPLE SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471658Gold7/16"16"$117.85/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.59/EACH)0.597/16 X 16 GOLD SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471662Green7/16"16"$117.85/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.59/EACH)0.597/16 X 16 GREEN SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471672Navy7/16"16"$117.85/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.59/EACH)0.597/16 X 16 NAVY SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471034Pink7/16"10"$76.47/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.38/EACH)0.387/16 X 10 PINK SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471634Pink7/16"16"$117.85/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.59/EACH)0.597/16 X 16 PINK SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471030Red7/16"10"$76.47/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.38/EACH)0.387/16 X 10 RED SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471630Red7/16"16"$117.85/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.59/EACH)0.597/16 X 16 RED SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471678Royal7/16"16"$117.85/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.59/EACH)0.597/16 X 16 ROYAL SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471099Silver7/16"10"$76.47/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.38/EACH)0.387/16 X 10 SILVER SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS
4471699Silver7/16"16"$117.85/PACKAGE of 200 ($0.59/EACH)0.597/16 X 16 SILVER SATIN BOW STRETCH LOOPS

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  • 08/31/2019

    I took a huge risk on ordering these stretch ribbons in high hopes they would fit my 4"x4"x4" gift boxes I use for my candles. Upon first opening I thought "Oh No they are way too small" but when I tried putting it around my box it was snug but IT WORKED. It's a perfect fit and I couldn't be happier. I ordered the black 10" because I figured 16" would have been too big.