4" Satin Finish Confetti Bows

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The Satin Finish Confetti Bows are 1/2" wide and 4" in diameter. These beautiful bows are designed in a voluminous look, with 30 loops clustered together to create a beautiful confetti bow design. The use of polypropylene ribbon grants them an innate radiance, with the base material featuring a lustrous finish and a smooth texture. This double-sided ribbon can be mounted on an adhesive tab to stick to different packages. Since they are pre-designed, they can form a symmetrical pair. You can use these bows on gift packs, goodie baskets, floral arrangements, party decorations and many other craft products. They are designed in many differents, including cerise, daffodil, flat gold, flat silver, emerald green, light pink, lime, pastel blue, purple, red, royal blue and white. They are made using polypropylene.

1/2" width
4" diameter
Comprises 30 loops
Satin finish
Polypropylene material

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4440033Cerise1/2"4"$25.25/CASE of 100 ($0.25/EACH)0.254" CERISE CONFETTI BOW
4440059Flat Gold1/2"4"$25.25/CASE of 100 ($0.25/EACH)0.254" FLAT GOLD CONFETTI BOW
4440099Flat Silver1/2"4"$25.25/CASE of 100 ($0.25/EACH)0.254" FLAT SILVER CONFETTI BOW
4440039Light Pink1/2"4"$25.25/CASE of 100 ($0.25/EACH)0.254" LIGHT PINK CONFETTI BOW
4440079Pastel Blue1/2"4"$25.25/CASE of 100 ($0.25/EACH)0.254" PASTEL BLUE CONFETTI BOW
4440080Purple1/2"4"$25.25/CASE of 100 ($0.25/EACH)0.254" PURPLE CONFETTI BOW
4440073Royal Blue1/2"4"$25.25/CASE of 100 ($0.25/EACH)0.254" ROYAL BLUE CONFETTI BOW
4440010White1/2"4"$25.25/CASE of 100 ($0.25/EACH)0.254" WHITE CONFETTI BOW

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