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Ribbon Wrapped Gifts, Woven to Perfection

While there is no shortage of wrapping paper and gift box options, ribbon wrapped gifts help showcase your creativity and how much you care about the recipient. But you don't necessarily have to be Martha Stewart or Brit Morin to decorate a package that is as beautiful and special as the gift itself. With a few simple rolls of ribbon, you can make your gift say anything from classic and sophisticated Breakfast at Tiffany's, to earthy and free spirited Bohemian.

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More than Bows: Ribbon Wrapped Gifts

Like fabric, ribbons come in an endless array of colors, shapes, sizes and textures that can be used to create unique and beautiful gift wrapping packages from a few simple patterns. Whether you are a seasoned DIY rockstar, or a novice who has no idea where to start, ribbons are a versatile, affordable and attractive gateway into the wonderful world of crafting and gift wrapping for all ages and skill levels.

How to Get Started

The internet is a great place to find inspiration and supplies for any DIY crafting project. From creating detailed mood boards to diving in with an improvised approach, a simple online search is like a treasure map for crafters.

Find a Woven Gift Wrapping Pattern or Get Creative and Design Your Own

Ribbon wrapped gifts can be as intricate and detailed or as simple as you wish depending on the materials you choose, the size and shape of the box, the individual taste and style of the gift's recipient, and the occasion. Start with a basic woven ribbon wrap pattern, or get creative with more unconventional ribbon designs that go well beyond the basic box pattern.

Pick a Theme

Gifts centered around a holiday like Valentine's Day or a special event like a wedding or birthday come with their own theme, but there are no restrictions or limits when it comes to choosing ribbon for your project. Designing a theme around the gift recipient's personal interests and hobbies is another great way to make the package stand out:

Shop for Ribbon by Material

The sky really is the limit when it comes to variety in shopping for gifting and crafting ribbon by material and textures. The ribbon can be the standout and centerpiece of the pattern against plain wrapping paper, or you can choose a solid color ribbon for a block print pattern on the other end of the spectrum.

Make It Unique With a Few Crafty Embellishments

Regardless of how simple or intricate you choose to go with your ribbon patterns, decorative embellishments are a great final touch that help to pull the entire package and design together. Just like with the ribbon choice, get creative in terms of colors and materials to give the package an extra pop.

With a little effort, the right crafting supplies and some creativity, a DIY gift wrapped package can look like it was assembled at a high-end department store or boutique, without the high-end price tag!

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