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Ribbon Scrap Ideas

Ribbon Scrap Ideas

Do you buy ribbon for a project and always have some leftover at the end of a roll? Or do you simply have a hard time resisting adorable ribbon? If you have a ton of ribbon scrap lying around that you aren’t sure how to use, read on for some great ideas to add something special to your dinner parties.

Decorate a Gift Box

Many hosts love to leave their dinner party guests with small party favors or gifts as a reminder of a fun night. Use your ribbon scrap to decorate your favor boxes or gift bags—the more guests you have, the more ribbon you'll use up!

The easiest way to decorate your gift box is to wrap a strip of ribbon around the lid of the box and glue it in place on the inside. Instead of struggling to tie a bow out of ribbon scrap that’s too short, attach a pre-made bow on top!

When you decorate the lid of your box, instead of the whole thing, you use less ribbon and the bow stays intact—even after guests open their gift. You can use this same technique for favor bags as well! Simply glue a ribbon around the top of the bag and attach your bow separately for a cost-effective look that stays beautiful at all times!

Decorate a Champagne or Wine Glass

Champagne or wine glasses are great for ribbons, especially since your guests don’t have to remove it to enjoy their beverage. Ribbons in different colors can also help your guests to identify their glass!

To decorate your champagne or wine glasses, tie a bow around each stem and hot glue the knot so it doesn’t come undone. You can match the ribbon scraps to your party’s theme, or you can use a new color for each guest.

Play with the size of your bow and the length of the ends to find the perfect look. Tall glasses look best with medium-sized bows and long tails, while short glasses look best with small bows.

Decorate Silverware

Use ribbons to add an exciting touch to your tableware. If you’re aiming for a rustic theme, choose ribbon scraps made of jute, burlap, paper, or raffia. On the other hand, if you prefer a more sophisticated style, experiment with velvet, lace, and organza.

There are two ways you can use your ribbon to decorate the plate: as a napkin ring or as a utensil holder. For a napkin ring, roll your utensils in cloth napkins and tie them around the middle with the ribbon of your choice. If you want to add a ribbon directly onto your utensils, arrange them carefully before tying. Your guests will love this simple decor, whether it’s rustic or elegant!

Scrappy Crafting

While these crafts are ideal for the odds and ends you’re left with after a bigger project, if you’re organizing a large party, you may want to order a full roll of ribbon from Ribbons.com. Check out our selection today!

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