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Ribbon and Candles

Ribbon And Candles

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of finesse and classic appeal to your decor is with ribbon-wrapped candles. At Ribbons.com, we love using ribbons and candles together, as there are so many different styles and designs to choose from.

Since candles are wonderful table centerpieces, embellishing them with fun colors and designs uses up the extra ribbon scrap you have on hand for a 5-minute craft anyone can do! If you’re looking for simple ways to elevate your decorations, check out some of our best tips and ideas for ribbon-wrapped candles.

Crafts Made Easy

You only need two items for this craft: candles and ribbon. Pins, paper, and embellishments are all optional. However, the pins are a useful option for crafters who prefer a sleeker look lacking a hand-tied bow. Since candle wax is relatively soft, you can use pins to hold your ribbon in place.

Candle Wrapping Ideas

We know you're usually crafting with a specific style in mind, so we’ve put together a simple DIY with some of our favorite creations. Inspire creativity with these great ideas!

Velvet Wrapped Candles

This look is great for weddings! Just wrap velvet ribbon in your choice of color around a votive candle and adhere it into place with pins. To hide frayed ribbon, fold the ribbon under and hide it by overlapping the edges.

As you’re choosing your ribbon, consider the size of your candle and the thickness of the ribbon to ensure that the proportions are appropriate.

Damask Candles

Damask is a bold print that brings an element of class to any event. Incorporate its printed pattern by wrapping candles with both ribbon and paper. Alternate Damask printed ribbon with plain paper, or printed paper with plain ribbon to ensure your design is truly unique. You can pin your materials into place or tie your ribbons into bows for an exceptionally personal touch.

Leaf Wrapped Candles

For the nature-lovers, we’ve created a design that incorporates plants to decorate your candles with ribbon. Simply use the ribbon to attach leaves or foliage onto your candle. The nature-inspired decor can be collected from your own garden or purchased online.

Jeweled Base Candles

This is one of our favorite ways to decorate a candle. Just tie some jewel ribbon around the candle—it will look like it took hours to apply those rhinestones! Hide the edges of your ribbon with a few pins for an elegant and clean look.


Pins are a versatile option to add to this craft. With a few pins, you can change the theme of your decor instantly! Choose the nearly invisible dressmaker pins for a seamless look, or spice up your candle decor with pearl headed pins for weddings, colored pinheads for children-oriented events, or even rhinestone pinheads for a sophisticated element.

Get Started Today

Get inspired for the next time you're looking for a quick way to elevate your decor. Use scraps of ribbon you have around the house or discover new styles and designs at Ribbons.com!

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