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Decorations get more surreal and magical with these stunning Rhinestone Sprays! The highly versatile and bendable wires come together in a group with clear glass rhinestones attached on them, enhancing the beauty of your gifts and floral arrangements. The sparkling rhinestones with twisted wires create a sprig effect. Sure to give you a feminine elegance, these can be put to use for a variety of purposes. A favorite amongst little princesses, the rhinestone spray can be easily shaped into a classy tiara or another hair accessory. Decorate corsages, garlands, centerpieces or wreaths by placing this 4" rhinestone spray into them separately. Use it for creating handmade jewelry or simply tie it around a gift item. A satin ribbon bow along with a lace wrap on your gift complements the graceful charm that this rhinestone spray exudes. Highly noticeable for the bright and brilliant shine these exude, the wired bling is a must have when it comes to trying your hand out in several DIY projects.


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  • 02/16/2018

    Love them. Can't wait to incorporate some into a floral design. Thank you.