Reversible Premium Satin Ribbon

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The Reversible Premium Satin Ribbon is 1-1/2" wide and packaged in a roll 25 yards long. Featuring a reversible design, this satin ribbon depicts two different colors on both sides so that it can be used from either side when you wish to decorate gifts or add fun to party decorations. This heavy ribbon is designed with a soft texture and radiant finish that makes it suitable for different craft activities. You can use this smooth satin ribbon for wedding festivities, too. The radiant finish of this decorative ribbon enhances its overall appearance. This beautiful satin ribbon is designed in color combinations like black with gold, black with silver, emerald with gold, gold with red, red with black, red with emerald and royal blue with silver. It is made with 100% Polyester.

1-1/2" wide
25 yards long
Reversible design
Wired edges
Made of 100% Polyester

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
561001549Black / Gold1 1/2"25 yd$14.42/ROLL14.421-1/2" X 25YD BLACK/GOLD REVERSIBLE PRM STN RBN
561001586Emerald / Gold1 1/2"25 yd$14.42/ROLL14.421-1/2" X 25YD EMERALD/GOLD REVERSIBLE PRM STN RBN
561001568Gold / Red1 1/2"25 yd$22.29/ROLL22.291-1/2" X 25YD GOLD/RED REVERSIBLE PREMIUM STN RBN
561001567Red / Black1 1/2"25 yd$22.29/ROLL22.291-1/2" X 25YD RED/BLACK REVERSIBLE PRM SATIN RBN
561001530Red / Emerald1 1/2"25 yd$18.56/ROLL18.561-1/2" X 25YD RED/EMERALD REVERSIBLE PRM STN RBN
561001534Royal / Silver1 1/2"25 yd$14.42/ROLL14.421-1/2" X 25YD ROYAL/SILVER REVERSIBLE PRM STN RBN

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