Real Natural Raffia Fiber

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The Real Natural Raffia Fiber features a rustic and natural look of raffia fiber. The uniqueness of these fiber ribbons lies in their natural appearance as the raffia strands used in the design have been procured from splendid raffia palms of Madagascar. The leaves of palm fronds have an excellent texture and give craft projects an amazing texture. Comes in amazing colors. This decorative fiber looks stunning when used in combination with bamboo or cane baskets or in flower arrangements as it harmonizes with this natural ribbon. You can make use of your creativity to use these raffia strands in different art and craft activities. This fiber ribbon is made from natural raffia strands.

Natural texture
Artificially colored
Made from natural raffia strands
Different colors available
Sold in 8 oz. bags

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
446026Black$8.81/PACKAGE8.818OZ BLACK RAFFIA
446064Hunter Green$8.81/PACKAGE8.818OZ HUNTER GREEN RAFFIA
446000Natural$6.16/PACKAGE6.168OZ NATURAL RAFFIA
446072Navy$8.81/PACKAGE8.818OZ NAVY RAFFIA
446009Purple$8.81/PACKAGE8.818OZ PURPLE RAFFIA
446013Red$8.81/PACKAGE8.818OZ RED RAFFIA
446069Sage$8.81/PACKAGE8.818OZ SAGE RAFFIA
446042Terra Cotta$8.81/PACKAGE8.818OZ TERRA COTTA RAFFIA
446046Wine$8.81/PACKAGE8.818OZ WINE RAFFIA

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