Ragged Edge Wired Burlap Ribbon

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This natural mesh burlap ribbon is woven with an open mesh weave and ragged edges. The mesh weave and unfished edges give this ribbon a rough look and feel. The edges are wired to make styling bows quick and easy. Made of 90% Jute and 10% Nylon.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
565551020Black7/8"25 yd$8.39/ROLL8.397/8" X 25YD BLACK WIRED BURLAP RIBBON
565551033Hot Pink7/8"25 yd$8.39/ROLL8.397/8" X 25YD HOT PINK WIRED BURLAP RIBBON
565551067Lime7/8"25 yd$8.39/ROLL8.397/8" X 25YD LIME WIRED BURLAP RIBBON
565551069Moss Green7/8"25 yd$8.39/ROLL8.397/8" X 25YD MOSS GREEN WIRED BURLAP RIBBON
565551049Natural7/8"25 yd$7.43/ROLL7.437/8" X 25YD NATURAL WIRED BURLAP RIBBON
565551030Red7/8"25 yd$8.39/ROLL8.397/8" X 25YD RED WIRED BURLAP RIBBON
565551010White7/8"25 yd$8.00/ROLL8.007/8" X 25YD WHITE WIRED BURLAP RIBBON
565551050Yellow7/8"25 yd$8.39/ROLL8.397/8" X 25YD YELLOW WIRED BURLAP RIBBON

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