4" Pull String Pom Bow

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Product Description:

These pull string bows measure 4" in diameter and are made of 3/4" wide poly ribbon. Choose from a variety of styles including embossed, metallic, lacquered, and iridescent.

These bows are sold in two forms:

Packed in a roll where you simply snip off a length of assembled ribbon and pull on the thin inner ribbon, and the bow pulls up into a made bow.

Packed in individual packages where you open the package unwrap and unfold the folded bow. Let it hang down in one hand. Then pull on the thin inner ribbon and the bow pulls up into a made bow.

Finally for either type, tie off the bow and attach with the remaining two pull ribbons which are 3/16" wide and 5' long.

50 bows per roll
50 bows per case

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
444733Cerise (By The Roll)3/16"4"$11.04/ROLL of 50 ($0.22/EACH)0.224" CERISE EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
444751Dandelion3/16"4"$11.04/ROLL of 50 ($0.22/EACH)0.224" DANDELION EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
444760Emerald (By The Roll)3/16"4"$11.04/ROLL of 50 ($0.22/EACH)0.224" EMERALD EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
444762Forest (By The Roll)3/16"4"$11.04/ROLL of 50 ($0.22/EACH)0.224" FOREST EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
444739Light Pink (By The Roll)3/16"4"$11.04/ROLL of 50 ($0.22/EACH)0.224" LIGHT PINK EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
444159Metallic Gold (By The Roll)3/16"4"$20.02/ROLL of 50 ($0.40/EACH)0.404" METALLIC GOLD PULL STRING BOW
444130Metallic Red (By The Roll)3/16"4"$20.02/ROLL of 50 ($0.40/EACH)0.404" METALLIC RED PULL STRING BOW
444199Metallic Silver3/16"4"$20.02/ROLL of 50 ($0.40/EACH)0.404" METALLIC SILVER PULL STRING BOW
444779Pastel Blue (By The Roll)3/16"4"$11.04/ROLL of 50 ($0.22/EACH)0.224" PASTEL BLUE EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
444780Purple (By The Roll)3/16"4"$11.04/ROLL of 50 ($0.22/EACH)0.224" PURPLE EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
444730Red (By The Roll)3/16"4"$11.04/ROLL of 50 ($0.22/EACH)0.224" RED EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
444775Turquoise3/16"4"$11.04/ROLL of 50 ($0.22/EACH)0.224" TURQUOISE EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
444710White (By The Roll)3/16"4"$11.04/ROLL of 50 ($0.22/EACH)0.224" WHITE EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW

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