Printed Curling Ribbon

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The Printed Curling Ribbon is designed in two width options – 1/4" and 3/8". This decorative ribbon features a satin like finish with gorgeous color combinations. The wide range of patterns available in this curling ribbon can suit different occasions in order to add a unique charm to your design scheme when used in gift decoration, party decoration and theme arrangements. This single-sided ribbon features a patterned design on one side and plain on the reverse side. It can be easily curled using scissors or a blunt knife as its firm texture effortlessly retains the shape of curls when used for decoration. You can use this polypropylene ribbon in combination with other ribbons and you can use it on cards & photo frames too. The Printed Curling Ribbon is designed in different patterns like happy birthday, cupcakes, rainbow, red gingham, retro spots, starry night, multi crazy stripes, peppermint stick, leopard, hot pink zebra and many others that can suit different occasions. This ribbon is made using polypropylene material.

1/4" and 3/8" wide
Single faced design
Satin-like finish
Suitable for curling
Polypropylene material
Different patterns available

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
44365826Black Reversible3/8"250 yd$4.82/ROLL4.823/8" X 250YD BLACK REVERSIBLE DOTS RIBBON
44365642Confetti Fashion3/8"250 yd$6.02/ROLL6.023/8" X 250 YDS CONFETTI FASHION CURLING RIBBON
44365412Happy Birthday3/8"250 yd$4.82/ROLL4.823/8" X 250YD HAPPY BIRTHDAY CURLING RIBBON
44120055It's A Girl1/4"200 yd$3.84/ROLL3.841/4" X 200YDS ITS A GIRL PRINTED CURLING RIBBON
44365999Multi Crazy Stripes3/8"250 yd$4.82/ROLL4.823/8" X 250YD MULTI CRAZY STRIPES CURLING RIBBON
44365075Peppermint Stick3/8"250 yd$4.82/ROLL4.823/8" X 250YD PEPPERMINT STICK CURLING RIBBON
44365925Red / Green Crazy Stripes3/8''250 yd$6.02/ROLL6.023/8" X 250 YDS RED/GREEN CRAZY STRIPES CURLING RBN
44365176Red / White / Blue Tri-Color3/8''250 yd$6.02/ROLL6.023/8" X 250 YDS RED/WHITE/BLUE TRI-COLOR CURLING RBN
44365213Red Gingham3/8"250 yd$4.82/ROLL4.823/8" X 250YD RED GINGHAM CURL RIBBON
44365299Retro Spots3/8"250 yd$4.82/ROLL4.823/8" X 250YD RETRO SPOTS CURL RIBBON
44365077Star & Stripes3/8''250 yd$6.02/ROLL6.023/8" X 250 YDS STAR & STRIPES CURLING RIBBON
44365013Starry Night3/8"250 yd$4.82/ROLL4.823/8" X 250YD SNOWFLAKE CURLING RIBBON

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