Premium Colored Nylon Tulle In Rolls

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A great project needs the best ingredients or raw materials. This Premium Colored Nylon Tulle is a high quality tulle that holds its shape and resists wrinkling when draped. This tulle has good volume to make charming tutus, elegant dresses and other crafts and decorations. Made of 100% Nylon.

Tulle is a versatile fabric that is popularly used to make tutus or veils. Add elegance to any wedding or special occasion by using this material as a chair wrap. It has a delicate netting appearance that is whimsical and dreamy.

For decoration, hang it from the ceiling and let it cascade to the ground to make it look like a waterfall. Wrap it around a balloon with a flower bouquet tie to make a whimsical accent piece. You can make it into a giant bow.

Tulle can also be made into small bags. Cut out circles and fill the center with rice, coins, or small candy. Next, make the edges meet at the top and twist until you have a nice pouch. Tie with a raffia ribbon for a rustic look. These can be made into small party or wedding favor bags.

Another good idea is to drape your outdoor trellis with white tulle. This decoration goes well with wedding ceremonies with its solemn look.
If you need a more economical tull, check out our Economy Colored Polyester Tulle.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
9092065Apple Green6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD APPLE GREEN NYLON TULLE
90666165Apple Green6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD APPLE GREEN NYLON TULLE
90666171Aqua6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD AQUA NYLON TULLE
9092056Baby Maize6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD BABY MAIZE NYLON TULLE
90666156Baby Maize6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD BABY MAIZE NYLON TULLE
90666151Beige6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD BEIGE NYLON TULLE
90333320Black3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD BLACK NYLON TULLE
9092020Black6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD BLACK NYLON TULLE
90666120Black6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD BLACK NYLON TULLE
90110220Black12"25 yd$3.72/ROLL3.7212" X 25YD BLACK NYLON TULLE
90180120Black18"25 yd$5.06/ROLL5.0618" X 25YD BLACK NYLON TULLE
90333355Chocolate3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD CHOCOLATE NYLON TULLE
9092055Chocolate6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD CHOCOLATE NYLON TULLE
90666155Chocolate6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD CHOCOLATE NYLON TULLE
9092041Coral6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD CORAL NYLON TULLE
90666141Coral6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD CORAL NYLON TULLE
90180141Coral18"25 yd$5.06/ROLL5.0618" X 25YD CORAL NYLON TULLE
90333360Emerald3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD EMERALD NYLON TULLE
9092060Emerald6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD EMERALD NYLON TULLE
90666160Emerald6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD EMERALD NYLON TULLE
90666133Fuchsia6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD FUCHSIA NYLON TULLE
9092062Hunter6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD HUNTER NYLON TULLE
9092052Ivory6"25 yd$1.29/ROLL1.296" X 25YD IVORY NYLON TULLE
90666152Ivory6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD IVORY NYLON TULLE
90110252Ivory12"25 yd$2.52/ROLL2.5212" X 25YD IVORY NYLON TULLE
90180152Ivory18"25 yd$3.42/ROLL3.4218" X 25YD IVORY NYLON TULLE
9092086Lavender6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD LAVENDER NYLON TULLE
90666186Lavender6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD LAVENDER NYLON TULLE
9092076Light Blue6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD LIGHT BLUE NYLON TULLE
90333334Light Pink3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD LIGHT PINK NYLON TULLE
9092034Light Pink6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD LIGHT PINK NYLON TULLE
90666134Light Pink6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD LIGHT PINK NYLON TULLE
90110234Light Pink12"25 yd$2.52/ROLL2.5212" X 25YD LIGHT PINK NYLON TULLE
90666188Lilac6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD LILAC NYLON TULLE
9092066Lime6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD LIME NYLON TULLE
90666166Lime6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD LIME NYLON TULLE
9092087Mauve6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD MAUVE NYLON TULLE
90666198Mica Silver6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD MICA SILVER NYLON TULLE
9092067Mint6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD MINT NYLON TULLE
90666172Navy6"100 yd$4.97/ROLL4.976" X 100YD NAVY NYLON TULLE
90333359Old Gold3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD OLD GOLD NYLON TULLE
9092059Old Gold6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD OLD GOLD NYLON TULLE
90666159Old Gold6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD OLD GOLD NYLON TULLE
9092057Old Willow6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD OLD WILLOW NYLON TULLE
90333340Orange3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD ORANGE NYLON TULLE
9092040Orange6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD ORANGE NYLON TULLE
90666140Orange6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD ORANGE NYLON TULLE
90110240Orange12"25 yd$2.52/ROLL2.5212" X 25YD ORANGE NYLON TULLE
9092045Peach6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD PEACH NYLON TULLE
9092039Pink6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD PINK NYLON TULLE
90666139Pink6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD PINK NYLON TULLE
90180139Pink18"25 yd$3.42/ROLL3.4218" X 25YD PINK NYLON TULLE
90333384Plum3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD PLUM NYLON TULLE
9092084Plum6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD PLUM NYLON TULLE
90666184Plum6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD PLUM NYLON TULLE
9092080Purple6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD PURPLE NYLON TULLE
90666180Purple6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD PURPLE NYLON TULLE
90333330Red3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD RED NYLON TULLE
9092030Red6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD RED NYLON TULLE
90666130Red6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD RED NYLON TULLE
90180130Red18"25 yd$5.06/ROLL5.0618" X 25YD RED NYLON TULLE
90333373Royal Blue3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD ROYAL BLUE NYLON TULLE
9092073Royal Blue6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD ROYAL BLUE NYLON TULLE
90666173Royal Blue6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD ROYAL BLUE NYLON TULLE
90180173Royal Blue18"25 yd$3.42/ROLL3.4218" X 25YD ROYAL BLUE NYLON TULLE
90333336Shocking Pink3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD SHOCKING PINK NYLON TULLE
9092036Shocking Pink6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD SHOCKING PINK NYLON TULLE
90666136Shocking Pink6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD SHOCKING PINK NYLON TULLE
90333399Silver3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD SILVER NYLON TULLE
9092099Silver6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD SILVER NYLON TULLE
90666199Silver6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD SILVER NYLON TULLE
9092074Smoke Blue6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD SMOKE BLUE NYLON TULLE
90333375Turquoise3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD TURQUOISE NYLON TULLE
9092075Turquoise6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD TURQUOISE NYLON TULLE
90666175Turquoise6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD TURQUOISE NYLON TULLE
90110275Turquoise12"25 yd$2.52/ROLL2.5212" X 25YD TURQUOISE NYLON TULLE
90180175Turquoise18"25 yd$3.42/ROLL3.4218" X 25YD TURQUOISE NYLON TULLE
90666135Very Light Pink6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD VERY LIGHT PINK NYLON TULLE
90333310White3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD WHITE NYLON TULLE
9092010White6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD WHITE NYLON TULLE
90666110White6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD WHITE NYLON TULLE
90110210White12"25 yd$2.27/ROLL2.2712" X 25YD WHITE NYLON TULLE
90180110White18"25 yd$5.06/ROLL5.0618" X 25YD WHITE NYLON TULLE
9092031Wine6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD WINE NYLON TULLE
90666131Wine6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD WINE NYLON TULLE
90333350Yellow3"25 yd$1.45/ROLL1.453" X 25YD YELLOW NYLON TULLE
9092050Yellow6"25 yd$2.00/ROLL2.006" X 25YD YELLOW NYLON TULLE
90666150Yellow6"100 yd$7.69/ROLL7.696" X 100YD YELLOW NYLON TULLE

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