Paw Print Satin Ribbon

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When you gift it, gift it in style! This satin ribbon features a beautiful paw print on single side and comes in two widths. Measuring 25 yards, this ribbon roll is perfect for decorating birthday presents and Christmas presents, and is even useful in your art and craft projects. If you are on a bit more creative side, you can go crazy with making innovative designs with this ribbon.

We bring you this ribbon in three exciting colours – black, tan, and white. The satin finish of the ribbon makes it ultra-soft and shiny, hence enhancing the beauty of your craft. You can also use this ribbon on the birthday present for your dog! Satin has always been a popular choice for decoration on clothing, invitation cards and floral designs. A shiny flower applique made from this satin ribbon will be icing on the cake.

25 yards
Single faced

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
5822620Black5/8"25 yd$5.48/ROLL5.485/8" X 25YD WHITE PAW PRINT BLACK SATIN RIBBON
5822720Black7/8"25 yd$6.41/ROLL6.417/8" X 25YD WHITE PAW PRINT BLACK SATIN RIBBON
5822655Tan5/8"25 yd$5.48/ROLL5.485/8" X 25YD TAN PAW PRINT BROWN SATIN RIBBON
5822610White5/8"25 yd$5.48/ROLL5.485/8" X 25YD BLACK PAW PRINT WHITE SATIN RIBBON
5822710White7/8"25 yd$6.41/ROLL6.417/8" X 25YD BLACK PAW PRINT WHITE SATIN RIBBON

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