Patterned Washi Tape

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Product Description:

Patterned washi tape will add the perfect finishing touch to crafts, gifts and envelopes. The thin, easy-to-use crafting tape is designed for crafts and gift wrap. Choose from a variety of adorable prints. Made from natural fibers like hemp or bamboo, our washi tape has a similar look and feel to masking tape, but is designed with colorful prints and patterns.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
34340101Abstract - Black / Gold Checker9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD BLACK/GOLD CHECKERED MTLLC WASHI TAPE
34380602Abstract - Black / Gold Metallic Diamond9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD GOLD/BLACK MTLLC DIAMOND WASHI TAPE
34330101Abstract - Gold / Black Leopard9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD GOLD/BLACK LEOPARD FOIL WASHI TAPE
34300103Abstract - Gold / Turquoise Pattern9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD TURQUOISE/GOLD PATTERN WASHI TAPE
34380603Abstract - Gold Herringbone9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD GOLD HERRINGBONE WASHI TAPE
34460259Abstract - Gold Sequin9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD GOLD SEQUIN METALLIC WASHI TAPE
34460101Abstract - Gold Snake Skin9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD GOLD SNAKE SKIN METALLIC WASHI TAPE
34300106Abstract - Green Scallop9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD GREEN SCALLOP PATTERN WASHI TAPE
34300105Abstract - Hot Pink Wavy Pattern9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD HOT PINK WAVY PATTERN WASHI TAPE
34310180Abstract - Lavender9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD LAVENDER RIBBON WASHI TAPE
34300102Abstract - Peach / Gold Crinkle9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD PEACH/GOLD CRACKLE PATTERN WASHI TAPE
34310134Abstract - Pink9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD PINK RIBBON WASHI TAPE
34460102Abstract - Purple Snake Skin9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD PURPLE SNAKE SKIN METALLIC WASHI TAPE
34310133Abstract - Red9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD RED RIBBON WASHI TAPE
341130Abstract - Red / White Gingham9/16"10 YDS$1.00/ROLL1.009/16" X 10YDS RED GINGHAM WASHI TAPE
34300104Abstract - Silver Herringbone9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD SILVER HERRINGBONE WASHI TAPE
34460299Abstract - Silver Sequin9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD SILVER SEQUIN METALLIC WASHI TAPE
34310170Abstract - Sky Blue9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD SKY BLUE RIBBON WASHI TAPE
34300101Abstract - White / Blue Crinkle9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD WHITE/BLUE CRACKLE PATTERN WASHI TAPE
34340103Abstract - White / Gold Diamond9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD GOLD/WHITE DIAMOND MTLLC WASHI TAPE
34340104Abstract - White / Hot Pink Diamond9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD HOT PINK/WHITE DMND MTLLC WASHI TAPE
34380705Abstract - Windy Blue9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD WINDY BLUE WASHI TAPE
34350102Big Hearts - Light Pink / Red9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD RED/LT PINK BIG HEARTS WASHI TAPE
34350101Big Hearts - Light Pink / White9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD LT PINK/WHITE BIG HEARTS WASHI TAPE
34231001Floral (Big) - Black / White1 3/16"5 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.681-3/16"X5YD WHT/BLK YOU COLOR LRG FLRL WASHI TAPE
34231002Floral (Small) - Black / White1 3/16"5 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.681-3/16"X5YD WHT/BLK YOU COLOR SML FLRL WASHI TAPE
34290105Floral - Flower Bed9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD FLOWER BED WASHI TAPE
34380605Floral - Gold Metallic Rose9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD WHT/GLD MTLLC ROSE PRINT WASHI TAPE
34290104Floral - Hibiscus9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD CHERRY BLOSSOMS/SAKURA WASHI TAPE
34290103Floral - Pink / White Florentine9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD MET PINK/WHITE FLORENTINE WASHI TAPE
34290102Floral - Pink / White Puple Daisy9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD WHITE/MET PINK DAISY WASHI TAPE
341501Floral - Pink / White Tiny Floral9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YDS PINK/WHITE TINY FLORAL WASHI TAPE
341502Floral - Red / White Daisy Flower9/16"10 YDS$1.00/ROLL1.009/16" X 10YDS RED/WHITE DAISY FLOWER WASHI TAPE
34381001Floral - Rose Print9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD ROSE PRINT WASHI TAPE
34350201Heart - White / Metallic Gold9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD WHITE/GOLD METALLIC HEART WASHI TAPE
34350202Hearts - Black / Metallic Gold9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD BLACK/GOLD METALLIC HEART WASHI TAPE
34620102Hearts - Blue9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16 X 10YD BLUE HEARTS WASHI TAPE
34380702Hearts - Multi Colored9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD MULTI COLORED HEART WASHI TAPE
34350103Hearts - Pink / Purple9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD PINK/PURPLE HEARTS WASHI TAPE
34350301Hearts - Red Sands9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD RED METALLIC SANDS HEART WASHI TAPE
34350203Hearts - White / Metallic Hot Pink 9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD WHITE/HOT PINK MTLLC HEART WASHI TAPE
34381203Hearts - White W/ Gold Metallic9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD WHITE W/GOLD MTLLC HEARTS WASHI TAPE
34380802Picture Pattern - Birds9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD BIRDS PRINT WASHI TAPE
34260101Picture Pattern - Birds On A Wire9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD BIRDS ON A WIRE WASHI TAPE
34320106Picture Pattern - Black / White Film9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD BLACK/WHITE FILM WASHI TAPE
34320101Picture Pattern - Black / White Numbers9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD BLACK/WHITE NUMBERS WASHI TAPE
34380706Picture Pattern - Bow Ties9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD BOW TIES WASHI TAPE
34610102Picture Pattern - Carousel9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16 X 10YD CAROUSEL PRINT WASHI TAPE
34610103Picture Pattern - Cat & Yarn9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16 X 10YD CAT & YARN WASHI TAPE
34610106Picture Pattern - Cats9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16 X 10YD CATS WASHI TAPE
34380803Picture Pattern - Deer In Forest9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD DEER IN FOREST WASHI TAPE
34381201Picture Pattern - Don'T Give Up & Don'T Give In9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD GREEN/GOLD "DON'T GIVE UP" WASHI TAPE
34380801Picture Pattern - Foxes9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD FOX WASHI TAPE
34270107Picture Pattern - Gold Butterflies9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD GOLD BUTTERFLIES WASHI TAPE
34380604Picture Pattern - Gold Metallic Arrows9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD WHITE W/GOLD MTLLC ARROWS WASHI TAPE
34381002Picture Pattern - Green Leaf9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD WHITE W/ GREEN LEAF WASHI TAPE
34381202Picture Pattern - Happy Birthday9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD "HAPPY" WASHI TAPE
34610101Picture Pattern - Happy Bunny9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16 X 10YD HAPPY BUNNY WASHI TAPE
34620101Picture Pattern - Hot Air Balloon9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16 X 10YD HOT AIR BALLOON WASHI TAPE
34290106Picture Pattern - Ivy9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD IVY WASHI TAPE
34610104Picture Pattern - Kittens9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16 X 10YD KITTENS WASHI TAPE
34240101Picture Pattern - Macaroon9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD MACARONS WASHI TAPE
34380904Picture Pattern - Music Note9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD MUSIC NOTE WASHI TAPE
34270104Picture Pattern - Owls9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD OWLS WASHI TAPE
34280101Picture Pattern - Peeking Cats9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD PEEKING CATS WASHI TAPE
34380804Picture Pattern - Red / White Butterfly9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD RED/WHITE BUTTERFLY WASHI TAPE
34270105Picture Pattern - Swans9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD SWANS WASHI TAPE
34290108Picture Pattern - Trees9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD TREES WASHI TAPE
34380902Picture Pattern - Umbrella9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD UMBRELLA WASHI TAPE
34380903Picture Pattern - Utensils9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD UTENSILS PRINT WASHI TAPE
34380707Picture Pattern - Vintage Postal Stamp9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD VINTAGE POSTAL STAMP WASHI TAPE
34210104Picture Pattern - Wedding Bells9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD WEDDING BELLS METALLIC WASHI TAPE
34320103Picture Pattern - White / Black Alphabet 9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD WHITE/BLACK ALPHABET WASHI TAPE
34320102Picture Pattern - White / Black Centimeter9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD WHITE/BLACK CENTIMETER WASHI TAPE
34250101Picture Pattern - White / Blue Bicycle9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD WHITE/BLUE BICYCLE WASHI TAPE
34610105Picture Pattern - Woodland Creatures9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD WOODLAND CREATURES WASHI TAPE
34400202Stars - Black / Metallic Gold9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD BLACK W/GOLD STAR METALLIC WASHI TAPE
34400304Stars - Black / White9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD BLACK/WHITE STARS WASHI TAPE
34380502Stars - Blue / White9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD WHITE/BLUE STARS RIBBON WASHI TAPE
34400303Stars - Blue / White9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD BLUE/WHITE STARS WASHI TAPE
34400201Stars - Light Blue / Metallic Silver9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD LT BLUE W/SLVR STAR MTLLC WASHI TAPE
34400302Stars - Orange / White9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD ORANGE/WHITE STARS WASHI TAPE
34380501Stars - Red / White9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD RED/WHITE STARS RIBBON WASHI TAPE
34400301Stars - Red / White9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD RED/WHITE STARS WASHI TAPE
34400204Stars - White / Blue9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD WHITE W/BLUE STAR WASHI TAPE
34400203Stars - White / Red9/16"10 YDS$1.68/ROLL1.689/16" X 10YD WHITE W/RED STAR WASHI TAPE
34400404Stars On Foil - Blue / White9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD BLUE/WHITE STARS ON FOIL WASHI TAPE
34400402Stars On Foil - Gold / White9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD GOLD/WHITE STARS ON FOIL WASHI TAPE
34400401Stars On Foil - Red / White9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD RED/WHITE STARS ON FOIL WASHI TAPE
34400403Stars On Foil - Silver / White9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD SILVER/WHITE STARS ON FOIL WASHI TAPE
34400101Stars On Gold - With White Dot9/16"10 YDS$2.35/ROLL2.359/16" X 10YD GOLD POINTED STAR METALLIC WASHI TAPE

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