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No-Carve Pumpkins

Styles Of Ribbon

There are many cute pumpkin carving ideas out there, but let’s be honest, sometimes your plan isn’t brought to life. If you’ve suffered from a pumpkin carving fail in the past or you’re afraid of messing up the next season, Ribbons.com has adorable no-carve pumpkin ideas for you. If you’re looking for a way to save time on your pumpkin decorations, read on for easy, no-mess ways to bring pumpkins into your decor.

Ric Rac, Washi, & Ribbon

Ric rac is a great type of trim to use for no-carve pumpkin crafts, especially since it’s narrow enough to fit in the grooves of the pumpkin. It also comes in a variety of different colors and materials, so you can create something truly personalized each time. Washi tape is another easy-to-use material that’s ideal for pumpkin crafts because it’s super easy to apply—it even stays in place through any weather.

Create your own design by combining different styles of ribbon, washi tape, and ric rac. Go for an elegant look with black-and-white tape and damask ribbon, or an explosion of color with ric rac and tape in rainbow hues. Just glue, tape, tie, and you’re done!

Curling Ribbons

While no-carve pumpkins are great decor for the fall holidays, supplementing them with curling ribbons are an easy way to elevate your pumpkin decor this year! Create several bunches of curled ribbon in different colors and swap them out for your favorite theme.

For a Halloween-themed pumpkin, grab orange and black colored curling ribbons and attach them to the pumpkin’s top. Trying to bring autumnal tones into your home? Choose red, orange, yellow, and brown curling ribbon. You can also play with different curling ribbon finishes such as satin, crimped, or metallic. Just curl and go!

Giant Bow

For a no-carve pumpkins that really makes a statement, find the thickest ribbon you can and tie it around your pumpkin with a gigantic bow. Place the pumpkin inside a small crate or box and place hay or tulle around the bottom to make an adorable pumpkin diorama!

Sequin Ribbon

Who says Halloween can’t feature glamour and sequins? Match your pumpkin to your glam rock costume with some sassy sequin ribbon. This trim comes in a ton of colors and is thin enough to easily fit in the pumpkin’s grooves. Simply glue a few rows of sequins from the top center to the bottom for this festive look!

Ribbons & Feathers

For an over-the-top, festive no-carve pumpkins, add more than just ribbon—use wild embellishments! Choose from butterflies, feathers, flowers, and beads for a pumpkin no one will forget. Add your embellishments to the top and ribbons to the sides for one stylish pumpkin!

Time to Get Started

Which no-carve pumpkin craft is your favorite? Let Ribbons.com help you find the materials you need to turn your decorative vision into a reality. Don’t get stuck with a difficult pumpkin carving mess—try one of our fun ideas for easy seasonal decor!

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