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Looking for a ribbon that has a real beat to it? This is 5/8" x 10 yards musical note ribbon that we like to think that Elvis Presley might have used to wrap his gifts if he was still living today. This cute and stylish ribbon is truly unique and fun. These ribbons are printed grosgrain and are made from polyester material. They have musical prints on one side of the ribbon and the other side is blank. They can get kids excited about music and also make a musical way to wrap up a gift. When you are searching for a new way that you can wrap up a gift or decorate for a special occasion, these cute ribbons make a great choice. The good news is that this musical note ribbon isn’t just for wrapping gifts. You can also use it in your classroom if you’re a music teacher. Just picture getting the kids excited about music by decorating the room with one of these fun ribbons. You can hang musical notes from the ceiling with it and help get the kids excited about singing and learning about music and playing a new type of musical instrument. Made of 100% Polyester.

Single Faced
5/8" wide
10 yards long

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4960905Music Boom5/8"10 yd$4.61/ROLL4.615/8" X 10YD MUSIC BOOM GG RIBBON

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