Metallized Dupioni Wired Ribbon

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Design glamorous bow designs with this dazzling dupioni ribbon. It is light to the touch and double-faced. It features iridescent threads carefully woven in the signature dupioni style. Dupioni ribbon is produced using a unique process which carefully twists a fine thread to make the signature cocoons which silk is known for, creating a beautiful textural contrast and soft sheen. Its overall finish is shiny and iridescent. Its edges are wired, overstitched with a soft, coordinating thread. Its wired edges are carefully overstitched with a soft embroidery thread.

Wired edges allow you to play with many types of bow designs. Create classic bows, rosettes, or large voluminous designs. The possibilities are endless. Use this ribbon for festive gift packaging, craft work, and more. Made of 77% Polyester and 23% Metallic.

2-1/2" wide
10 Yards long

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
56153747Copper2 1/2''10 yd$6.38/ROLL6.382-1/2"X10YD COPPER METALLIZED DUPIONI FAUX SILK RB
56153742Coral2 1/2''10 yd$6.38/ROLL6.382-1/2"X10YD CORAL METALLIZED DUPIONI FAUX SILK RBN
56153750Dandelion2 1/2''10 yd$6.38/ROLL6.382-1/2"X10YD DANDELION METALLIZED DUPIONI FAUX SILK
56153759Gold2 1/2''10 yd$6.38/ROLL6.382-1/2" X10YD GOLD METALLIZED DUPIONI FAUX SILK RBN
56153733Hot Pink2 1/2''10 yd$6.38/ROLL6.382-1/2"X10YD HT.PNK METALLIZED DUPIONI FAUX SILK RB
56153764Sea Green2 1/2''10 yd$6.38/ROLL6.382-1/2"X10YD SEA GRN METALLIZED DUPIONI FAUX SILK R
56153799Silver2 1/2''10 yd$6.38/ROLL6.382-1/2" X10YD SLVR METALLIZED DUPIONI FAUX SILK RBN
56153779ATeal2 1/2''10 yd$6.38/ROLL6.382-1/2"X10YD TEAL METALLIZED DUPIONI FAUX SILK RBN
56153749Toffee2 1/2''10 yd$6.38/ROLL6.382-1/2"X10YD TOFFEE METALLIZED DUPIONI FAUX SILK RB
56153775Turquoise2 1/2''10 yd$6.38/ROLL6.382-1/2"X10YD TURQ. METALLIZED DUPIONI FAUX SILK RBN

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