3" & 4" Metallic Finish Butterfly Pull Bows

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The Metallic Finish Butterfly Pull Bows are designed in different width options ranging from 3" to 4". These decorative bows are neatly designed in shape of butterfly bows so that they can be used to decorate gift packs or in other art and craft activities. The smooth polyester base of these bows is complemented with a radiant finish to highlight the aesthetics of these predesigned bows, making them perfect for different decoration tasks. As each bow comes packaged as a flat strip where only the ribbon ends need to be pulled to create a neatly-finished bow at the center. The edges of the ribbon are detailed with a V-shaped cutout. The metallic appearance of these bows grants them the versatility to be used in a wide range of decoration tasks. These beautiful pull bows are designed primarily in metallic gold and metallic silver color options. These bows are made using polyester that ensures high durability and puts forth a radiant finish.

3/8" wide
Predesigned bows
Metallic finish
Smooth texture
Flat packed
Made from polyester

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
44389159Metallic Gold3"$10.85/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.22/EACH)0.223" GOLD METALLIC BUTTERFLY BOW
44391159Metallic Gold4"$15.01/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.30/EACH)0.304" METALLIC GOLD BUTTERFLY BOW
44389199Metallic Silver3"$10.85/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.22/EACH)0.223" SILVER METALLIC BUTTERFLY BOW
44391199Metallic Silver4"$15.01/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.30/EACH)0.304" METALLIC SILVER BUTTERFLY BOW

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