Medium Colored Jute Cord

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The Medium Colored Jute Cord measures around 3-1/2 mm in thickness and is packaged in a 25 yard roll. Featuring the natural texture of jute, this decorative cord is intricately woven with jute fibers to create a rustic cord that can be used beautifully for different crafts. This colored jute cord can be used to create decorative braids and floral patterns so that it can be used creatively. The most popular use of this jute cord is in gift packing, though it looks stunning when used to decorate scrap books or to outline cards. It can be used to create a single core design by mixing different cords and its soft texture enhances its beauty. This jute cord is available in a number of colors that can be mixed and matched to create beautiful decoration items for your craft activities. It is designed in black, brown, light brown, red, white, moss, orange and natural color options. It is made using 100% jute to create a natural texture.

3-1/2 mm thick
25-yard roll
100% jute fabrication
Available in multiple colors

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4826020Black3.5 mm25 yd$6.06/ROLL6.063.5MM X 25YD BLACK JUTE CORD
4826069Moss3.5 mm25 yd$6.06/ROLL6.063.5MM X 25YD MOSS JUTE CORD
4826000Natural3.5 mm25 yd$6.06/ROLL6.063.5MM X 25YD NATURAL JUTE CORD
4826030Red3.5 mm25 yd$6.06/ROLL6.063.5MM X 25YD RED JUTE CORD
4826010White3.5 mm25 yd$6.06/ROLL6.063.5MM X 25YD WHITE JUTE CORD

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