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Give a whimsical touch to your decorations with the Lyrical Paper Wired Tie. The tie comes on a roll of 25 yards so you can cut the desired length and then roll it back after use. This delicate yet beautiful ribbon cord is made of sparse little paper bows placed over a matching color wired base. This makes it look as if the leaves are scattered all over. It is offered in two colors, natural and sage which you can choose as per your wall décor requirements. The subtle colors make it a great choice for contemporary, modern decors and is ideal to complement different floral arrangements.
You can put them on the wall to create a beautiful creeper like look. If you like you can combine two different color ties together to form a contrasting pattern over the wall. Due to the wired base of the cord, it is perfect to tie your gifts or bag. This paper wired tie is a versatile option that can be used from scrape books, to art and craft projects. The Lyrical Paper Wired Tie is made of 85 percent paper and 15 percent nylon.

Length of 25 yards

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
570702000Natural25 yd$5.94/ROLL5.9425YD NATURAL LYRICAL PAPER WIRED RIBBON
570702060Sage25 yd$5.94/ROLL5.9425YD SAGE LYRICAL PAPER WIRED RIBBON

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