Linen Ribbon Crafts

Linen ribbon is super soft to the touch and looks very natural compared to other heavy fabrics. Used beautifully, linen ribbon gives a natural, simple, and airy look to any decor. It also makes any packaging or craft look more primitive, which is a big trend right now. So gather up your linen ribbon and find inspiration from these five crafts that utilize this beautiful fabric ribbon.

Ribbon Scrap Ideas

Linen Ribbon Chair Sashes

To keep the look of your chairs understated but whimsical, use linen ribbon draped over the rungs. This simple technique to replicate looks wonderful against the dark wood stain of the chair. Simple and elegant.

Linen Ribbon Decorative Balls

If you have a beautiful bowl or vase you want to show off, wrap linen ribbon around large Styrofoam balls and use as a decorative piece in the container of your choice. We love the mix of burlap and white ribbon also used in this photo.

Linen Ribbon Vase

The one thing we love about linen ribbon is how easy it looks. Just tie a bow around your favorite vase or decorative piece and the look is complete. It looks as natural as the lavender in this photo.

Linen Ribbon Pumpkins

This is a great project for fall. Make your own pumpkins that will never rot and can be used yearly with some linen ribbon.

Linen Ribbon Tags

This ribbon is actually for sale, but we loved the look of matching kraft tags with linen ribbon. It’s very country and trendy at the same time. This would be a great for Christmas.