Large Ric Rac Trim

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The Large Ric Rac Trim features an innovative design and measures around 1/2" in width when measured from top to bottom of the wave. The actual woven material is around 3/8" wide. It is packaged in a roll. Designed with an intricate weaving, this decorative trim depicts a scalloped design featuring beautiful waves to make a subtle impression when used in decoration. This trim features a sleek profile that makes it suitable for use around the hems of apparels. You may also use it creatively in personal accessories by pairing it with complementing ribbons and decorative motifs. This ric rac trim can also be used for creating customized accessories or to enhance the beauty of home accessories like table mats, napkin holders, table cloth and similar items. It blends with a wide range of ribbons and fabrics for convenient use. The Large Ric Rac Trim is available in different colors like blue, green, purple, pink, red, tangerine, white and yellow. It is made using a woven material that promises high durability.

3/8" wide
25 yards length
Double faced
Woven design
Wave design
Multiple color options

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
570101376Blue11 mm25 yd$4.74/ROLL4.7411MM X 25YD BLUE RIC RAC TRIM
570101360Green11 mm25 yd$4.74/ROLL4.7411MM X 25YD GREEN RIC RAC TRIM
570101337Pink11 mm25 yd$4.74/ROLL4.7411MM X 25YD PINK RIC RAC TRIM
570101380Purple11 mm25 yd$4.74/ROLL4.7411MM X 25YD PURPLE RIC RAC TRIM
570101330Red11 mm25 yd$4.74/ROLL4.7411MM X 25YD RED RIC RAC TRIM
570101344Tangerine11 mm25 yd$4.74/ROLL4.7411MM X 25YD TANGERINE RIC RAC TRIM
570101310White11 mm25 yd$4.74/ROLL4.7411MM X 25YD WHITE RIC RAC TRIM
570101350Yellow11 mm25 yd$4.74/ROLL4.7411MM X 25YD YELLOW RIC RAC TRIM

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