5" Large Poly Pull Bows

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The Large Poly Pull Bows are 1-1/4" wide and measure around 5" in diameter. These decorative bows are pre-designed with small curves that look graceful in combination with the radiant luster of the base material. Designed as pull bows that form a voluminous bow by merely pulling the sleek strings on the sides, these decorative items are used for different art and craft activities. You may stretch the side strings and inner ribbon of these poly bows in accordance to the desired length to create the perfect bow shape that appeals to you. The symmetry in the design of these pull bows makes them suitable to be used in multiples when creating a beautiful décor arrangement. The radiance of the base material perks up their look, making them a great addition to gift packs, party settings, table arrangements and other craft works. These decorative pull bows are designed in an array of colors ranging from black, burgundy, cerise, chocolate, daffodil, emerald green to forest, gold, light pink, navy blue, lime, orchid, pastel blue, metallic blue and many others. They are made using polyester material.

1-1/4" width
5" diameter
Pre-designed bows
Pull design
Different style options
Available in multiple colors

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
445720Black1 1/4"5"$15.42/ROLL of 50 ($0.31/EACH)0.315" BLACK EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
445733Cerise1 1/4"5"$15.42/ROLL of 50 ($0.31/EACH)0.315" CERISE EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
445751Daffodil1 1/4"5"$15.42/ROLL of 50 ($0.31/EACH)0.315" DAFFODIL EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
445760Emerald Green1 1/4"5"$15.42/ROLL of 50 ($0.31/EACH)0.315" EMERALD EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
445759Gold1 1/4"5"$15.42/ROLL of 50 ($0.31/EACH)0.315" GOLD EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
445739Light Pink1 1/4"5"$15.42/ROLL of 50 ($0.31/EACH)0.315" LIGHT PINK EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
445767Lime1 1/4"5"$15.42/ROLL of 50 ($0.31/EACH)0.315" LIME EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
445160Metallic Emerald (By The Roll)1 1/4"5"$27.05/ROLL of 50 ($0.54/EACH)0.545" METALLIC EMERALD PULL STRING BOW
445159Metallic Gold1 1/4"5"$27.05/ROLL of 50 ($0.54/EACH)0.545" METALLIC GOLD PULL STRING BOW
445130Metallic Red1 1/4"5"$27.05/ROLL of 50 ($0.54/EACH)0.545" METALLIC RED PULL STRING BOW
445199Metallic Silver1 1/4"5"$27.05/ROLL of 50 ($0.54/EACH)0.545" METALLIC SILVER PULL STRING BOW
445780Purple1 1/4"5"$15.42/ROLL of 50 ($0.31/EACH)0.315" PURPLE EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
445730Red1 1/4"5"$15.42/ROLL of 50 ($0.31/EACH)0.315" RED EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
445799Silver1 1/4"5"$15.42/ROLL of 50 ($0.31/EACH)0.315" SILVER EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW
445775Turquoise1 1/4"5"$15.42/ROLL of 50 ($0.31/EACH)0.315" TURQUOISE EMBOSSED PULL STRING BOW

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