Iridescent Curling Ribbon

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The Iridescent Curling Ribbon features a sleek design and it is wrapped over a spool for convenience. Featuring a pastel color palette, this curling ribbon depicts a shimmery texture that beautifully reflects light to create an impressive design. The sleek width of this ribbon helps to create fine curls and ensures shape retention for a long time. The optimum bounce of the curls and the dimension of the curling ribbon are maintained by the crimped texture of this ribbon. This texture allows you to make curling bows effortlessly and the vibrant color options make it a good choice for different décor arrangements. You can use these curlies to decorate gift packs, wreaths, flower bouquets and similar creations. Using them for tying balloons or enhancing party displays creatively is also a good option. This beautiful ribbon is offered in multiple hues like mint, orchid, peach, light pink, light blue, red, white and yellow. You can create an interesting fusion of different colors to create a multicolored arrangement of curlies. It is made using polyester that features a shimmer design.

Sleek design
Radiant finish
Crimped texture
Available in multiple colors

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
44034078Light Blue3/16"219 yd$4.25/ROLL4.253/16" X 219YD LT BLUE IRIDESCENT CURLING RIBBON
44034068Mint3/16"219 yd$4.25/ROLL4.253/16" X 219YD MINT IRIDESCENT CURLING RIBBON
44034039Peach3/16"219 yd$4.25/ROLL4.253/16" X 219YD PEACH IRIDESCENT CURLING RIBBON
44034030Red3/16"219 yd$4.25/ROLL4.253/16" X 219YD RED IRIDESCENT CURLING RIBBON
44034049Yellow3/16"219 yd$4.25/ROLL4.253/16" X 219YD YELLOW IRIDESCENT CURLING RIBBON

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