4" Holographic Sparkle Butterfly Bows

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The Holographic Sparkle Butterfly Bows measure around 4" in size. Presenting a dazzling appearance with its radiant holographic film, each bow is designed using a sparkling ribbon that puts forth a 3-D effect when the flashy sparkles on the design are reflected by light. These bows feature a flat design, which transforms into beautiful butterfly motifs when the strings attached on the sides are pulled softly. These pull bows assure uniformity in appearance of the butterfly motif as they are pre-designed with precision and each bow is bound to give the same impact if its side ribbons are pulled neatly. You can use these decorative bows to decorate gift packs, goodie baskets, flower bouquets, wreaths and even a Christmas tree. You may create a visual contrast by using them in combination with other decorative ribbons. These pull bows are designed in bright red color. You may use them in combination with contrasting ribbons to create an attractive design. They are made using a radiant holographic film.

4" size
Butterfly shape
Pre designed pull bows
Radiant shine

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
44397430Red4"$16.19/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.32/EACH)0.324" RED HOLOGRAPHIC BUTTERFLY BOW

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