Herringbone Natural Ribbon

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The Herringbone Natural Ribbon is designed with 1-1/2" width and a length of 10 yards. Featuring a minimalist design scheme, this ribbon presents the popular geometrical herringbone pattern in an endearing manner to create a natural-looking design. It combines many other natural materials to complement its beautiful texture and design, though it is not made using natural material. The herringbone pattern is visible from both sides, but the rear side depicts a reverse color pattern to highlight its overall charm. You can effortlessly make bows and other decorative designs using this ribbon as it maintains its shape and appearance for a long time. It is suitable for various art and craft activities. Its traditional appearance makes it a good option to be used creatively in theme decorations and handicraft items. This fabric ribbon is designed in a number of color options like green, coral, black, light blue, hot pink, purple, pink, pewter, red and sky blue. The use of 100% polyester fiber in its fabrication makes it flexible and durable.

1-1/2" wide
10 yards long
Wired edges
Double faced
Herringbone geometrical pattern
100% polyester fiber

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
48631520Black1 1/2"10 YDS$6.00/ROLL6.001-1/2 X 10YD BLACK HERRINGBONE NATURAL RBBN
48631538Coral1 1/2"10 YDS$6.00/ROLL6.001-1/2 X 10YD CORAL HERRINGBONE NATURAL RBBN
48631560Green1 1/2"10 YDS$6.00/ROLL6.001-1/2 X 10YD GREEN HERRINGBONE NATURAL RBBN
48631533Hot Pink1 1/2"10 YDS$6.00/ROLL6.001-1/2 X 10YD HOT PINK HERRINGBONE NTRL RBN
48631578Light Blue1 1/2"10 YDS$6.00/ROLL6.001-1/2 X 10YD LT BLUE HERRINGBONE NTRL RBN
48631598Pewter1 1/2"10 YDS$6.00/ROLL6.001-1/2 X 10YD PEWTER HERRINGBONE NTRL RBN
48631534Pink1 1/2"10 YDS$6.00/ROLL6.001-1/2 X 10YD PINK HERRINGBONE NATURAL RBBN
48631580Purple1 1/2"10 YDS$6.00/ROLL6.001-1/2 X 10YD PURPLE HERRINGBONE NTRL RBN
48631530Red1 1/2"10 YDS$6.00/ROLL6.001-1/2 X 10YD RED HERRINGBONE NATURAL RBN
48631571Sky Blue1 1/2"10 YDS$6.00/ROLL6.001-1/2 X 10YD SKY BLUE HERRINGBONE NTRL RBN

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