Heart Chain Poly Ribbon

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The Heart Chain Poly Ribbon comes 55 yards long in a variety of widths. Available in red and white, it features a pretty hearts design that runs the length of the ribbon. The ribbon with the white base has a soft satin glow to it, while the ribbon with the red base has a matte finish.

Each ribbon has a delicate look and feel, but each is strong enough to maintain its shape when used as a bow.

This beautiful single-faced ribbon is non-wired at the edges. It's ideal for Valentine's Day, wedding and anniversary gifts, and can be used for décor on these occasions. You can use this ribbon for ceiling and wall décor for your home or venue, as well. When paired together, the matte red ribbon and white satin glow ribbon offer a beautiful contrast and impressive look. This Heart Chain Poly Ribbon is made of 100% Polyester.

Available in a variety of widths
55 yards long
Made of 100% Polyester

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
44002130Red1 3/8"55 yd$2.51/ROLL2.511-3/8" X 55YD RED HEART CHAIN POLY RIBBON
44002330Red2 3/4"55 yd$5.18/ROLL5.182-3/4" X 55YD RED HEART CHAIN POLY RIBBON
44002310White2 3/4"55 yd$5.18/ROLL5.182-3/4" X 55YD WHITE HEART CHAIN POLY RIBBON

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