Grand Raffia Ribbon

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The Grand Raffia Ribbon is a decorative ribbon featuring a sleek profile. An attractive texture created by frayed fibers gives a distinctive appearance to this plastic ribbon. Its outer surface looks like a painted bark, which carries a raw charm and makes this ribbon an innovative decoration item for art and craft activities. Featuring a ruffled styling where the fibers used to design the ribbons appear to be slightly frayed, this plastic ribbon is an innovative accessory that can be used to create a fuzzy look during art and craft works. It can be used for weaving decorative mats and making similar home décor items as its endearing texture lends an extra edge to the overall design. Using this beautiful ribbon for making hair accessories and in decorating scrap books is also an option. This gorgeous raffia is available in various color alternatives like brown, gold, light pink, moss, grey, pink, red with gold and silver with white. It is made using 100% plastic in order to create a strong profile.

Double faced
Frayed fibers
100% plastic
Available in multiple colors

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4434048Brown5 mm50 yd$6.25/ROLL6.255MM X 50YD BROWN GRAND RAFFIA
4434099Grey5 mm50 yd$6.25/ROLL6.255MM X 50YD GREY GRAND RAFFIA
4434038Light Pink5 mm50 yd$6.25/ROLL6.255MM X 50YD LT PINK GRAND RAFFIA
4434034Pink5 mm50 yd$6.25/ROLL6.255MM X 50YD PINK GRAND RAFFIA
4434001Red / Gold5 mm50 yd$6.25/ROLL6.255MM X 50YD RED/GOLD GRAND RAFFIA
4434002Silver / White5 mm50 yd$6.25/ROLL6.255MM X 50YD SILVER/WHITE GRAND RAFFIA

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