Gold Rosalie Metallic Trim

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The Gold Rosalie Metallic Trim has a vintage flair with an intricate pattern. Its textured metallic threads make light sparkle, and its swirly design gives an elegant look. The strands are compacted so they will not come loose when cut keeping your work neat and tidy. This trim goes well with embellishing gift boxes, edging craft projects and decorating home designs.

Decorating a home using this trim can give a classic and upscale look. Edging the sides of couch pillows with this trim could bring back the living room charm. Use this as an accent on your curtains for a custom look. Even indoor planers wrapped in this trim can look elegant.

When embellishing a gift box, make it more unique by wrapping this trim across the box. The gold color makes a gift unique while the texture gives much character to the design. Use this to tie up a favor bag to make a bold statement to your party guests. If you are going to gift wine or Champagne, get a burlap wine bag and use this trim as a bow.

This trim will go great for projects such as table settings, or centerpieces. Against a backdrop of flowers, this trim can make a design timeless and beautiful. Made of 50% metallic, 45% polyester and 5% nylon.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
56008802Gold9 mm10 yd$6.10/ROLL6.109MM X 10YD GOLD ROSALIE METALLIC TRIM

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