Gold Open Swirl Trim

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With its vintage appeal, aristocratic lines and classic flair, the Gold Open Swirl Trim has an intricate design which almost makes it look handmade. Its gold metallic finish adorns holiday themed projects fantastically. Use this trim to edge, embellish and decorate your unique crafts.

Holiday themed projects, like Christmas and New Years, go fantastic with this trim. The trim has garland like fibers which evoke a classy, celebratory feel. Using this trim on a centerpiece, or wrapping it around a wreath would make any party look sophisticated. Pair it with your gift wrapping ensemble to make it dazzling to its recipient.

Edging the hem of a skirt would look like 60’s vintage. The swirly lines hint at the groovy and funky 60’s. It contrasts well with clothing like jeans. Line the neckline of a dress to make a charming accouterment.

The trim can also bring elegance as a wedding decoration. It can be used to wrap a veil most romantically. Wedding favors can be stunning with this trim wrapped around.

Its eye-catching features would make a fantastic addition to any craft collection. With this beautiful trim, it should make any craft feel special.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
56008901Gold8 mm10 yd$3.30/ROLL3.308MM X 10YD GOLD OPEN SWIRL TRIM

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