1/8" Gold Edge Satin Ribbon

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Pretty gold edge satin ribbon comes 50 yards per spool. It is a thin non-wired ribbon that is available in 1/8” width, which is ideal for making small, classy bows and threading through items with small eyelets such as gift tags. This thin satin ribbon features beautiful gold metallic edging that borders a vibrant satin center. The satin material at the center is soft and silky and looks just like real satin. The metallic edges are stitched along the satin material, which gives this ribbon reinforced edging that prevents it from fraying. It is double faced, meaning the metallic edges and colored satin center can be seen from both sides of the ribbon. This ribbon is available in a variety of colors and would make a lovely trim or a beautiful bow for many craft projects, floral arrangements, product and gift packaging. Pair it with Premium Satin Ribbon or Metallic Ribbon for a beautiful match that looks lovely for weddings and formal events. You can also use this ribbon to embellish small bags or boxes such as cello bags or plastic boxes for classy favors. Made of 100% Polyester.

Double faced
1/8" wide
50 yards

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
57520120Black1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD BLACK GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520160Emerald1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD EMERALD GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520162Hunter1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD HUNTER GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520152Ivory1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD IVORY GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520185Lavender1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD LAVENDER GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520178Light Blue1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD LT.BLUE GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520135Light Pink1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD LT PINK GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520187Mauve1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD MAUVE GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520168Mint1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD MINT GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520172Navy1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD NAVY GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520138Peach1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD PEACH GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520134Pink1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD PINK GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520180Purple1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD PURPLE GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520130Red1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD RED GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520170Royal1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD ROYAL GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520210White1/4''50 yd$2.98/ROLL2.981/4" X 50YD WHITE GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520110White1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD WHITE GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520131Wine1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD WINE GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON
57520150Yellow1/8"50 yd$2.49/ROLL2.491/8" X 50YD YELLOW GOLD EDGE SATIN RIBBON

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  • 02/24/2020

    Great product. Great value. Love this ribbon. Thank you.
  • 08/14/2020

    Love the ribbons I get here. Have been buying for years. Quality is great.