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The Fur Ribbon gives projects a soft and warm texture. It has a luxurious faux fur coat on the top layer and a shiny metallic backside for a nice contrast in texture and color. The width is a thick 2-1/2 inch which gives it ample coverage. The fur on this ribbon has a delicate appearance and is soft to the touch. Wired edges make it a pleasure to shape into extravagant bows.

Be different with your gift decorating this year. This will take your decorating level up a few clicks. The look of fur is warm and unique for gifts. Compliment a shiny gift wrapper with this matte fur look. With its metallic backside giving a polished appearance, it does not lose its bling factor.

On our example, we played around with recreating Santa’s belt. We did this by using the gold backside as the buckle and cutting two 2-1/2 inch lines 1 inch apart. Run the ribbon through, and you have Santa’s belt.

The natural feel of the ribbon also goes well with solid color gift wrappers. Create a wreath with this ribbon has the base and combine it with a red satin or taffeta ribbon for highlight. The contrast in color and texture will look stunning. Made of 60% polyester and 20% metallic.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
56005220Black2 1/2"10 yd$8.47/ROLL8.472-1/2" X 10YD BLACK FUR RIBBON
56005210White2 1/2"10 yd$8.47/ROLL8.472-1/2" X 10YD WHITE FUR RIBBON

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