Elegant Dots Flocked Velvet Ribbon

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Elegant Dots Flocked Velvet RibbonThe Elegant Dots Flocked Velvet Ribbon has a width of 2-1/2 inches and a length of 10 yards. This ribbon showcases metallic luster as its main accent that is complimented by a touch of vibrant colors and soft, smooth fabric. The front side of this dual faced ribbon is marked along its length with concentric circles, resembling a bull’s eye, with color tones complimenting both the front and back side of the ribbon. The back of the ribbon is plain with a satin finish and makes the bows look more soothing to the eyes. The edges of this ribbon are wired and overstitched with complimenting metallic thread to add a hint of extra sparkle to it. This ribbon is available in colors like gold, green, pink, red, and silver, and have a metallic sheen to it. These ribbons come packed as a roll so that they are easy to store and use. You can make elaborate bows, decorate gift cards, make curtain binders or table center pieces and what not. These are one of the most versatile ribbons you will ever come across. The front side of this ribbon is made of 100% Polyester and the back is made of 60% metallic and 40% nylon.

2-1/2 inch width
10 yards length
Double Face
Made of 100% Polyester front and 60% metallic/ 40% nylon back

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
56135859Gold2 1/2"10 yd$8.39/ROLL8.392-1/2" X 10YD GOLD ELEGANT DOTS FLOCK RIBBON
56135839Pink2 1/2"10 yd$8.39/ROLL8.392-1/2" X 10YD PINK ELEGANT DOTS FLOCK RIBBON
56135830Red2 1/2"10 yd$8.39/ROLL8.392-1/2" X 10YD RED ELEGANT DOTS FLOCK RIBBON
56135899Silver2 1/2"10 yd$8.39/ROLL8.392-1/2" X 10YD SILVER ELEGANT DOTS FLOCK RIBBON

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