Economy Fabric Flower Petals

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The Economy Fabric Flower Petals are available in a package of 144 petals that can be handled and stored easily. These flower petals are small in size and a bit flatter which is appealing to the eyes and is also easy to handle while crafting. You can use these petals to create eye-catching and soothing decorative experiences. Spread them around scented candles or decorate tables and flower vases with it to for a romantic touch. You can also use them for decorating cards, scrapbooks, or for creating beautiful wreaths and wall hanging for decorating party venues. You can tie or glue them on a simple ribbon and use it to create unique bows or as embellishments for hair bands and table centerpieces. Mix and match the petals of various colors for to add vibrancy to your projects. The flower petals are made of 100% nylon that makes it convenient during clean ups and also makes them reusable.

144 pieces of petals per package
One and two-tone colors
100% nylon

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